Healthy and well-groomed nails is the pride of any girl. Therefore, it is very frustrating when something happens for no apparent reason. In this paper, we describe why yellow nails and how to deal with this nuisance. There are a number of reasons why… Read More →

Lily Aldridge and Даутцен Croesus on bikes Another eventful week left behind, so get ready to see the best shots of the life of our favorite stars. Eva Longoria, Ricky Martin Adriana Lima went to Dubai, Nicky Hilton and Katya Mukhina hosted in Paris, and Kim Kardashian continues to entice friends to concerts beloved Kanye Read More →

Бейонсе: "Я хочу пойти по стопам Мадонны!"

Yesterday in new York Beyonce visited a party to celebrate the release of a new album of Beyonce. Singer talked with the fans, and answered all questions in Instagram.

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osteohondroz-rssThe first symptoms of such diseases as osteochondrosis of the cervical spine, are invisible and people often do not pay attention to them. And in vain, because the disease this rather serious. Read More →

Прямо вниз: новая укладка Гвен Стефани

Gwen Stefani changed the classical wave on the straightened hair. Let us estimate the laying new singer.

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Many women are concerned with the state of nails. The most common cause for excitement – stratification of the nail plates. Actually, that exfoliate fingernails, is not only a cosmetic problem, but a signal failure in the body. On Аюверде, brittle weak nails… Read More →

Миранда Керр в откровенной фотосессии Терри Ричардсона

The Australian model Miranda Kerr starred in a Frank scandalous photo shoot photographer Terry Richardson, who has worked with Miley Cyrus, Lady Gaga and sisters Hilton.

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goroskop-rssIf you various horoscopes attach too much importance, then this article is just for you. Let’s consider the most common myths associated with astrology. Read More →

Выбираем образ недели: 16.12 - 22.12

Today we ought to choose the winner in the category “Image of the week”. Ekaterina Mukhina Yana Расковалова, IDA Lolo, Svetlana Меткина, Oksana He and the other ladies in the fight for the title of the most stylish.

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акриловый дизайн ногтейFor the majority of modern women, hand care – is the same habitual and necessary procedure as, say, brushing teeth or washing. Even those whose natural nails leave much to be desired, can have a great manicure thanks treatment capacity. A spectacular acrylic nail design allows you to create your fingertips real masterpieces – bright and unforgettable.


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