thermal лечебная косметика Thermal water has long been famous for their healing properties. Found their usefulness even the ancient Romans, it is from natural mineralized (thermal) waters was the name of the Roman baths. However, used medical cosmetics thermal – that is, on the basis of thermal water – and long before the Romans, for example, in ancient Babylon and Egypt.


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Hi to everyone. Every woman at all times dreamed look irresistible. An important component of the female attractiveness is the figure which should be constantly kept in good shape. It is very important to understand Your type of shape to know what the proportions are perfect for her. There are five types of figures, each of which has its own appeal. Features of each type directly depend on the structure of a skeleton, distribution […] Read More →

Ксения Собчак и другие звезды оценили новую коллекцию Изабель Маран

Ksenia Sobchak and other celebrities yesterday evening, attended one of the capital’s shopping centres, where there was a party on the occasion of the launch of the new collection Isabelle Maran.

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07 Nov Prada spring-summer 2014 (+107 photo) A collection of Prada spring-summer 2014 at Milan fashion week was very bright and unusual. The main highlight of the collection is the style of pop art, combined with a sporty-chic – large print of a woman’s face like a motto of «Woman – power!swept across the entire Read More →

If you do decide to mammoplasty breast, you need to know how to properly care after surgery for their Breasts, and something to fear in the postoperative period. For her Breasts to properly care. After the surgery you the first time will accompany seal chest, swelling and haemorrhages. The recovery process you can speed using Read More →

salon-krasoty-rssIf you decide to become a business lady and open its beauty shop, then this article is just for you. First of all we recommend you to purchase a ready-to-salon. Read More →

Дженнифер Хадсон получила именную звезду на Аллее Славы

Yesterday afternoon, Jennifer Hudson joined stars whose names are immortalized on Hollywood walk of Fame. Support the actress came to her family.

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Women have always attached great importance to the well-groomed hands. It is impossible to feel free and confident, if the nails are not processed and have unkempt appearance. Lac helps to hide defects and gives hands on a special significance. If the choice varnish women prefer well-known brands trusting the manufacturer of the health of Read More →

In the new collection spring-summer 2014 at the fashion week in Milan designer Frida Giannini embody the idea of sport chic – and got a deserved reward – a lot of positive feedback collection! The highlight of the collection became the top-bust with crossed straps. And often in the collection using a grid and handbags with fringe – a very stylish new! Photo Gucci collection spring-summer 2014: Read More →

kolie-rssDecoration of the stones will never go out of fashion, so this is the most that nor there is a natural material. Let’s consider what kind of stones are most often used. Read More →