As you know the perfect appearance requires consideration of many factors, of which is your beauty. First of all it relates to the slim and proportional figure, delicate features, beautiful skin, elegant clothing. Not the last role to play and nails,… Read More →

radical-pohud-rssThe majority of women who resort to drastic weight loss do not think about how much it’s harmful. We are going to cover in this article. Read More →

средства для тела из кухни


And re-engage with foreign Internet fields. This time the English beauty bloggers will share the secrets of cosmetics, cooked in the kitchen. The recipes are selected according to the principle of simplicity and low cost and the possibility to go right now to the kitchen and cook, without any additional problems and follow the General cleaning of the whole apartment.

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How to make your hair smooth and shiny? Read More →

домашний салон красоты


Here and gone are the days when it was believed that the more obscure words in the composition of the purchased for a lot of money funds the tool better and certainly more effective. Now we all know what preservatives, silicones and other parabens, so now fashionable to treat your skin are only the means, the composition of which is clear and simple, for example, olive oil with oatmeal.

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лечебная косметика проблемная кожаAcne skin becomes a real punishment for those who are «lucky» enough to be its owner. Increased oiliness and active acne in adolescence may later be replaced hypersensitivity and dryness in certain areas, but in a more Mature period of these problems are added age. Dermatologists sometimes shrug, because the problem skin disinfection fails – it is necessary to learn to live observing healthy lifestyle and providing regular care. The last is to visit a beautician and the use of means of medical cosmetics for skin problem.


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Purple nail design fit for owners of long nails. On short nails it is better not to do, because it will look a bit ridiculous. Today every lady can quickly and easily increase acrylic or gel nails. This manicure looks impressive with any design,… Read More →

Collection Akris spring-summer 2014 is the embodiment of new design solutions and architectural lines. And for good reason: this time the designer of the fashion house Akris Кримлер for his collection used the works of the legendary Mexican architect Luis Баррагана. The collection has turned out thematic – juicy colors, direct geometric lines. Are the models минималистичны and restrained, without any experiments. The highlight of the collection is the […] Read More →

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