"Роман с кокаином": новый фильм с Ксенией Собчак

Very soon will be the premiere of the film “romance with cocaine”, where the main role is played by Igor Триф, Ksenia Sobchak, Vladimir Яглыч and others.

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Итоги года-2013: модные рекламные кампании

It is time to remember the best advertising campaign of the year: Kate moss for Versace, Miranda Kerr for Mango, Beyonce for H&M and other art masterpieces in the field of fashion.

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Битва платьев: Мишель Доккери против Алиши Кис

Stella McCartney dress already appeared in our fashionable battle. This time Алише CIS and other celebrities joined Michelle Доккери.

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You think you have already got acquainted with novelties of nail art? We present to your attention a provocative and very original version manicure, which is for many a real discovery. Trend 2014 Matt manicure, which clearly does not lose its popularity in the next season. If you are interested in the design of nails, get acquainted with advice and recommendations on its implementation of the […] Read More →

Healthy and beautiful nails is a sign of good General health. Their ill kind, on the contrary, can speak as about the absence of vitamins and certain diseases such as diabetes. Knowing how to look healthy nails, you can monitor their status… Read More →

"Снобу" - пять лет: светская Москва на юбилее проекта

Project Snob was five years old. Congratulate its head Nikolay Uskov came Bozena Рынска, Oksana Lavrentieva, Leonid Parfenov and other celebrities.

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Джулианн Мур в новом номере The Edit

Джулианн Moore in a new photoshoot for The Edit appears in the image vamp: black lace, brightly-up eyes and a flame haired Bush of hair.

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sumka-zhen-rssMany women choose a bag on the basis of such parameters and criteria, such as material, size and color. However, few who focuses on your zodiac sign. And this is important! Read More →

Темный шоколад: новый оттенок волос Кэти Холмс

Katie Holmes slightly updated its image: hair stars become noticeably shorter and darker than before. Let’s discuss, to face whether actress change.

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Angel or demon? – this question is engraved on the stylish conical vial with sharp edges, which a few years in a row adorns the shelves of perfume boutiques. Every woman who pays attention to him, herself makes the choice in favor of their angelic or demonic character. In the toilet water Ange ou Démon Read More →