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домашние маски для кожи вокруг глаз от морщин

To tighten the skin around the eye, smoothing out fine lines and reduce deep, you will need: avocado, potato starch, parsley, cucumber juice, almond and olive oil, vitamin E, vitamin A, wheat flour, regularity, patience and a positive attitude. A positive attitude is a must, otherwise, instead of lifting and smoothing the wrinkles get increased laxity, despondency and the rapid increase and deepening of wrinkles.

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домашние маски для лица из клубники


Homemade facial masks strawberries are best for oily skin, as they help to clean the face from acne (black points) and narrow enlarged pores. The strawberries can be used for other types of skin in the composition of exfoliating and rejuvenating masks, but this should be done with special care to not dry up and will not damage the skin.

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