Верхом на папе: Орландо Блум с сыном Флинном

Paparazzi continue to “hunt” for Orlando bloom and his son Flynn: this time photographers captured parent star when he was walking with the kid in new York.

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Уличный стиль знаменитости: Гвен Стефани с семьей в Лос-Анджелесе

Gwen Stefani and Gavin Россдейл spent the weekend with children, and photographers captured the starry family in all its glory.

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Treatment exfoliating nails need to conduct integrated approach to care for your hands and take a complex of vitamins and minerals. There are several ways that help improve the nails and the lead hand in order. If the nails are constantly breaking and splitting that does not allow for a manicure and… Read More →

"Форсаж 7": объявлена дата премьеры

VIN Diesel announced the date of release of the film “afterburner 7″and shows a photo of the last scene, that they got together with Paul Walker.

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Битва платьев: Ксения Собчак против Светланы Бондарчук

Today Metropolitan ladies and talented journalist Ksenia Sobchak and Svetlana Bondarchuk will prove love to dress designer Alexander Terekhov. Who will win it – you decide.

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Алсу для HELLO! о воспитании, феминизме и Новом годе

On the eve of New year the singer, which in the past 2013 celebrated the 30th anniversary, invited HELLO! in his countryside house and for the first time acquainted with her daughters – Safina and Микеллой.

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A woman in a position much more sensitive and receptive. Many shops and clinics often enjoy. Not an exception and dental. Here are the main myths. Read More →

Пэрис Хилтон прилетела в Москву

In the framework of business trip to Paris Hilton and flew to Moscow, where a walk along the red square and appreciated the tree. Previously socialite visited Siberia and Ufa.

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Natalia Vodianova at the opening of Guerlain boutique in Paris SPLETNIK.RU continues to sum up the results of the year of 2013. Today we have decided to recall the most significant events, the best and the latest and the main trends in the beauty industry. Discovery of the year So, let’s start with the recent Read More →

Эволюция: Кристен Стюарт

Secular outputs Kristen Stewart always become one of the most talked – her style are both supporters and opponents. SPLETNIK.RU traced the evolution of the image of the actress and the “face” Chanel.

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