No limit to perfection – this simple slogan guided by women who regularly visit beauty salons, in particular, masters of manicure. And what passions ignite worth only girl break a nail, who for so long растился independently or found its length with the help of a specialist. Correction nail, natural or artificial – popular service Read More →

As usual, the average vacationer people spend the night? As a rule, in front of the TV. Someone rushes to viewing a favorite of transfer or series, someone just wants to lie down and relax under monotonous work «blue» screen. However, most people also cares about the quality of the viewer, which is somewhat dependent Read More →

Бен Аффлек поддержал больного лейкемией мальчика-Бэтмена

Ben Affleck, Christian bale and other executors of the role of Batman supported the 5-year-old boy suffering from leukemia. The President Barack Obama played the video.

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Nail form in the style of the pipe is intended on the one hand, for those women that like the combination of classics and facilities, on the other – are in step with the times. It is distinguished elegance and perfect for any form of hands. What shape would neither was chosen, it is important Read More →

Дженнифер Энистон отправилась в спа-салон

Recently, Jennifer aniston decided to visit a Spa. The actress once again demonstrated a new haircut and engagement ring from Justin Theroux.

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Даша Жукова и Роман Абрамович на открытии катка в Парке Горького

Yesterday evening in the Park Gorky opening of the largest ice rink in Europe. The first visitors, Dasha Zhukova, Roman Abramovich, Laura Джугелия and others.

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Мировая премьера "Трудно быть богом" прошла в Риме

On the 8-th International film festival in Rome was the world premiere of Alexei German’s “Hard to be a God”. Upon completion of the viewing audience and critics applauded the master standing.

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Дженнифер Лоуренс для декабрьского Madame Figaro

Jennifer Lawrence starred in a luxurious photo shoot for the magazine Madame Figaro. Thank you blogger Tanushka28 for the news.

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Many fans of Lady Gaga is associated with something new, crazy and extravagant. Girl эпатирует his fans not only unusual outfits, but interesting manicure. So what’s different manicure Lady Gaga nails from other stars? First, the singer is not afraid to experiment… Read More →

The desire of women to adorn themselves expressed the desire to have beautiful long nails. Them look dainty fingers and hand acquires the aristocracy. And if nails decorated with a pattern or rhinestones, it invariably attracts. In order to fully understand the consequences of escalating of nails, the right to have at least a General Read More →