Катя Елизарова рассказала HELLO! о романе с Бенедиктом Камбербэтчем

In an exclusive interview with Katya Elizarova shared details of his personal life. Model for the first time talked about the relationship with Benedict Камбербэтчем.

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Six-year-olds already practically independent, at least, they themselves are already experiencing. This age is fraught with the formation of their own interests and preferences. And this aspect has to a certain extent and on the game. Mostly the children are free to decide what to do with him. But parents have to control the chosen child of the game – there is only one entertainment moment they […] Read More →

Victoria Beckham is on a visit in Germany and enjoys its success: two days ago she received designer prestigious Bambi award in Berlin and yesterday presented its collection spring-summer of 2014 in Munich. The owner of the boutique Mytheresa.com Suzanne Ботшен with pleasure helped Victoria to hold a presentation. In addition, Beckham exclusively developed for Read More →

Календарь "Сплетника": 18 выходов Мэгги Гилленхол за последние 5 лет

Today is the birthday of American actress Maggie Гилленхол. Look at the images from the red carpet for the last 5 years.

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Probably, in the world there is no girl who would not love beautiful manicures. Now came into Vogue nail art. . And many beauties are trying to master the technique of drawing. So you want to give a couple of tips for beginners. Learn to depict simple pictures on the nails can… Read More →

Премьера видео: What Now от Рианны

That wait: in the morning we presented a preview of the new video of Rihanna’s What Now, and now we can assess the full version of the video.

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Леди Гага в Нью-Йорке: три образа за сутки

In new York on Lady Gaga’s not wasting his time: almost one day she had to withdraw in the TV show, open a fashion shop and undress to their underwear on the street.

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Кэти Перри в тизере нового клипа Unconditionally

Katy Perry in his new video Unconditionally tried unexpected Gothic image. During filming, the singer had several outfits.

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Varieties of salads exists nemerenoe many. And no small part of them consists of a sufficiently rich, calorie, delicious, but, alas, harmful to the figures recipes. All these varieties divinely delicious salads have the right to exist. However, if a man keep in shape, it can only rarely afford a salad consisting of «жиронагоняющих» products. But there is a solution. […] Read More →

Джейк Гилленхол пострадал на съемках ленты "Стрингер"

Currently Jake Гилленхол works on the set of the tape “stringer”, where on Wednesday the actor was injured: Hollywood hunk greatly cut my hand.

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