Модный дизайн ногтей 2013It goes on caviar 3D manicure, which can be done using a set of CaviarNails, and you can own. It really fashionable design nail 2013, and there is a good opportunity to experiment with it at home. To get started, you need to gather the following items:… Read More →

With the onset of the new autumn-winter season 2013-2014 want to update your wardrobe according to the latest fashion trends. And they will help us to understand collections of famous designers in the past fashion weeks in Paris, Milan, London and new York. So, according to the version of the Love Republic can allocate 6 major fashion trends of the upcoming season. 1. Glitter. It is very much in the collections of famous fashion houses […] Read More →

Original design is the basis of everything manicure. With it you can focus on many other details of appearance. In most cases, the most interesting ideas are characterized by the simple technique of execution and minimal time. It was such a gradient manicure, about which we tell you on the website Beauty-Hands.ru. Gradient nail designs: characteristics of This interesting and important […] Read More →

Фото дизайна ногтей: разноцветный френчFrench manicure, with all its diversity, not out of fashion. This year, however, relevant rainbow jacket, a blue jacket and orange jacket. No surprise to anyone in the office, appeared with a yellow jacket on the nails. Now it is in the permitted dress code… Read More →

karakul-rssQuite soon the winter, and that means it’s time to think about this cool new coat. Don’t know what to choose, then look in the direction of Karakul, and this article will help you learn more about it. Read More →

макияж глазFew girls are able to do without makeup, because even a small amount of cosmetics can transform the face. And is crucial, of course, eye makeup, which makes it look really expressive and inviting. How to correctly perform a make-up?


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Фото дизайна ногтей шилакомШилак manicure lasts an average of three weeks, provided that each of the stages. Start with dry nail Polish. Spatula pushing back the cuticles and cut away the dry tip. Attach the correct form of the nail with wooden nail files. Grind nails rough side of the nail files to improve traction varnish… Read More →

The new autumn-winter 2013-2014 ever relevant coat without a collar. The main parts of the fashionable coat steel free cut and A-line. Great choice of accommodation coat without a collar on the belt. Make your choice in favor of plain coat without a collar – fitting shape or coat-barrel, or coat-trapeze – and you will be the winner! What to wear collarless coat? Better […] Read More →

домашняя маска для глубокого очищения волос


The author of this mask calls her mask detox, what would this mysterious word meant, we also call it deep cleansing home mask for the hair to unnecessarily confusing детоксом not concerned about. The recipe is simple, although in making and applying quite dirty. No where did you see a complete detox without prior full умазюкивания?

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Фото дизайна ногтей: розовый френчHave long appeared in the office with the pink jacket on nails, you shouldn’t confuse. It is relevant in any performance: reverse French manicure, French manicure with applique polymer clay, rhinestone stickers. This season, the French are not only jobs, but… Read More →