Шикарный дизайн ногтейYou can afford each day look fascinating. It is enough to know how without the help of a stylist to create the chic design of nails. This option looks extravagant, but nevertheless is very suitable for every day. For it you need a blue lacquer, fine… Read More →

секреты парфюмерии флакон и запахThe development of the perfume industry goes in several directions, and always has been. As in jewelry decent stone requires a respective setting, and also in the world of fragrance. Luxury spirits need a suitable bottle, which at first sight will captivate your potential buyer, standing on the counter among other similar, perhaps not such beautiful and fascinating. Some bottles for perfumes are so amazing, that’d like to buy fragrance just to put it on the dressing table. Whether to do it, and what is more important – a bottle or smell?


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Фото дизайна ногтей: осень 2013Well-groomed nails is always beautiful and true. Regardless of the technique of decoration you prefer to start with a classic dry nail Polish. After all, the brighter will cover, the more attention will attract your hands. According to their view, must be above reproach. … Read More →

Ванночка для педикюраProcedure pedicure is a mandatory component in personal care for every woman. Then, what are your feet, depends on many factors. One of them is correctly prepared the bath for a pedicure. As the steam out your legs before pedicure engaged in self-care… Read More →

We suggest to familiarize with designer dresses in the floor at the new season of autumn-winter 2013-2014. Long dresses is always a winning option for celebration or an important event where you need to be irresistible. In that dress you’ll be the center of attention. Very relevant models from Valentino with lace, form-fitting silhouette and high neckline. Photogallery fashionable dresses floor in autumn-winter 2013-2014: Read More →

Материалы для дизайна ногтейMaterials for nail design allow to make manicure, which can be done at home, designed to approximate to the professional level of the result of the artistic paintings. Today there is a rich palette of styles and trends, which have gone far from the plain colouring. Tools and… Read More →

Новый дизайн ногтей: френчEvery woman wants to look well-groomed, but interesting. Often this can help in a modern nail design. In this article we look at how to create a new nail design: French. French manicure is universal: it matches any image. Great that fashion is not… Read More →

Фото дизайна ногтей: лето 2013The geometry of the nails already became a usual thing this year, but the master does not get tired to think more and more designs. We offer to your attention photo nail design: summer 2013, where the original idea is realized by simple solutions. For this drawing, you’ll need:… Read More →

We present to your attention a selection of the most beautiful and feminine blouses for the season autumn-winter 2013-2014. Fashion blouses in the autumn-winter season is very diverse. We will not talk about fashion sweaters, jackets, cardigan and лонгсливах. It is about the classic white blouse buttoned or colored blouse with collar frill or without a collar. What to look for when choosing fashionable […] Read More →

Маникюрный набор для дизайна ногтейTo buy the «right» manicure set of nail design, need to know the purpose of each tool. Otherwise there is a threat buy a lot of overlapping of things. Picking a good and complete nail set of nail design usually includes tools for… Read More →