Звезды и их елки: Джессика Альба, Миранда Керр и другие

Celebrity continue to share your holiday photos. Consider a tree stars: Miranda Kerr, Jessica Alba, Beyonce, Kim Kardashian and others.

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If natural nails constantly break down and the girl can’t grow them the right length to make a beautiful manicure, you can use the services of the wizard, which increase acrylic nails. When this cosmetic procedure, the wizard uses acrylic material, which is a thermoplastic polymer, received… Read More →

 маски для волос

These homemade masks for hair require a lot of time taking a lot of strength and need lots of useful or simply very pleasant products. However, useful and pleasant products in home masks for hair, as a rule, is also extremely high in calories, so вымазывая their hair, we keep it a shape from the temptations and the elegant shape receive gorgeous hair. That, of course, helps entitled to apply half an avocado to the hair, not put entirely in her mouth. In the mouth can be put second half. Read More →

Новогодние подарки на любой вкус (часть 1)

New year is about to come: it’s time to run for gifts for yourself, friends and relatives. In our review of the best jewelry, handbags, dresses and underwear.

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History of Shiseido company, which is known to, among other things, characteristic of Japanese design, and the General concept which distinguish it from the Western manufacturers of cosmetics, started from the first in Japan pharmacies in Western style. The way from a small drugstore to the giant cosmetic industry was long; in the United States Read More →

Дин МакДермотт изменил Тори Спеллинг с 28-летней Эмили Гудхэнд

Dean McDermott changed tori spelling with the 28-year-old Emily Гудхэнд. The latter told the press all the details of a dishonest act, and even gave an extensive interview.

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Итоги года – 2013: голливудские звезды в России

Brad pitt, johnny Depp, Mila kunis, will Smith and other Western celebrities have got in our top 10 stars whose arrival in Russia want to remember again and again.

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Бенисио Дель Торо и Will.i.am на баскетболе в Лос-Анджелесе

The basketball game between the teams “Miami heat and the Los Angeles Lakers in the staples center came Benicio Del Toro, Gabrielle Union, Will.i.am, Samuel L. Jackson and others.

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Lamination fingernails concern for many, but from this trouble, you can get rid of. Here is only to begin, you will understand why there was such a problem, only so it will be possible to restore the health of nails a. Causes of exfoliating nails First reason exfoliate nails, can be… Read More →

Российские селебрити на Xmas Dinner Party

Last night Russian celebrities represented by Artyom Korolev, Vitaly Kozak, Laura Джугелии, Vlad Лисовца and other held in one of Moscow restaurants, where celebrated the coming holidays.

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