Уличный стиль знаменитости: Хайди Клум в Лос-Анджелесе

Heidi Klum arrived at the airport in Los Angeles after a trip to Las Vegas. The model is dressed in dark colors, adding a few bright colour accents.

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Звезда "Принца из Беверли-Хиллз" Джеймс Эйври скончался

The star of “the Prince of Beverly hills” James Эйври died at the age of 65 after a heart operation. He played the role of uncle hero will Smith Philip banks.

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Оливия Палермо и Йоханнес Хьюбл помолвлены

Olivia Palermo and Johannes Хьюбл announced their engagement on January 1. The pair has posted a video message on Instagram. Thanks for the news, blogger Sunsi.

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домашние средства от шелушения кожи лица

In winter even the most undemanding to the care of the skin may begin to constrict, peel off, and keep up with intact skin layers. The reason may be winter with her, to put it mildly, unfavourable weather conditions and, as a consequence, a withering air and heating skin. Besides autumn and winter is called the season of all kinds of peelings, that also leads to exfoliation of the skin, but already far more desired.

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Fantasy manicure knows no limits. Nail designers draw inspiration everywhere and find original ideas in the most unexpected places. Even ordinary colored glass able to touch on an interesting thought. Today we introduce you to a new type of manicure. The focus of the site Beauty-Hands.ru stained glass nail design. Features stained-manicure This option nail art is a kind of widely-known French […] Read More →

Майли Сайрус поздравила жителей Нью-Йорка с Новым Годом

Miley Cyrus and other stars congratulate residents of new York new year’s concert in times square. Despite illness, Miley has not changed me in the choice of attire.

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Лето на "Сплетнике": Кэти Холмс и Сури в Майами

Katie Holmes and Suri spend new year’s vacation in Miami. Mom and daughter of Tom cruise bathe in the pool and do your shopping.

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Битва глянца: январь 2014 года

On the last day of the outgoing year in a hurry to introduce you to cover fresh January gloss. Which one you give your voice for you?

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крем для сухой кожи рук своими руками

Winter hand turn into two large eternally drying and трескающиеся problems. Of course, you can strut Captain of Obviousness declare that the hands have most certainly regularly caring and smearing the good fat cream. The most interesting that the CEP and right here, and in the winter hand care nothing is more important than good nourishing cream, which you can buy, and a hand-written намешать, Read More →

Звездные пожелания сплетницам в Новом году

New year is a time of global reassessments and prioritization. Specially for readers SPLETNIK.RU our stars have left their best wishes for the new year.

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