Лекарство для души: Чулпан Хаматова привезет в Лондон сольный спектакль

Chulpan Khamatova will hold in London charity performance. According to the actress playing in this setting, it shares with the audience their “cure” for the soul.

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strizhka-rssPeople visit the hairdresser quite often and for different reasons. But no one thinks what day it is better to cut your hair, do their hair or hair dye. Read More →

Шакира с сыном Миланом отметили Рождество

Singer Shakira, football player Gerard Pique and 11 month old son of a pair of Milan celebrate their first Christmas in the life of a boy. Obviously, something went wrong.

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linzy-rssPeople with poor vision should wear glasses. However, not all like the same fate – someone they do not like, someone feels uneasy. Come to the aid of contact lenses. Read More →

Михаэль Шумахер впал в кому

The sevenfold champion of Formula 1 racer Michael Schumacher fell into a coma after head injury while skiing in the Alps.

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домашние обертывания для похудения

To celebrate the New year thin and sonorous, with waist in a glassful, and thighs without an accordion, it’s time to start… What exactly start with, each of us decides for itself: diet, sports, wraps… About home wraps for weight loss and below it. Of course, as with knowledge of the case you declare any Captain Obvious, without diet and sports they will have no effect, unless slightly tucked up skin and make it soft and smooth. And who said that soft, smooth and firm skin is bad? Here our CEP and замолкнет shyly.

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svet-doma-rssWith the help of the light in the house, you can implement any idea of the designer. Now there is a huge amount of floor lamps, lamps and chandeliers. How it all combine and what to choose? Read More →

Итоги года: Лучший образ 2013 года

The whole year the stars, you voted for the image of the week. It is time to choose the best image of the outgoing year: Natalia Vodianova, Dasha Zhukova, Anna Чиповская, IDA Lolo and others.

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Дженнифер Энистон и Джастин Теру прилетели в Мексику

Jennifer aniston and Justin Theroux arrived in Mexico. It was there that the star of “Friends” and her fiance decided to celebrate the New year.

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obruch-kolca-rssThe choice of wedding rings now so great that their eyes get. Let’s try to find out what the ring is popular and what is their true purpose. Read More →