Современный дизайн ногтейOur society places a special demand to female beauty. One concerns the well-groomed hands and beautiful nails. Modern design of nails is a new trend in the art of creating appearance. Today there are so many variants of nail art. Sequins, crystals, art painting gels… Read More →

The shows of the autumn / winter collections of fashion designers presented new options winter clothes, and undoubtedly, fur is the hot trend of the season! On the catwalks were presented a variety of coats and coats. Novelty of the season steel «patchwork» coat or fur coats made in the art of patchwork. I.e. created from the different pieces of fur and combined very original and masterfully – symmetric inserts or […] Read More →

Дизайн ногтей Trend 2013 is velvet manicure. It looks very unusual and safely, and are addressed at only desperate fashion. Despite the apparent complexity, nail design Velvet sand done quite simply. To start, you will find a velvet powder for nails. … Read More →

простые прически для длинных волосLong hair – La decoration of any woman, provided that they are healthy for them is the proper care and attention. Then they don’t have to cut off up to a short haircut, which remains the number one for lovers of comfort in everyday life because of the ease of installation. Without problems you can make very simple hairstyles for long hair, but beautiful, feminine, elegant or provocative, that will not get bored owners flowing back curls.


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svadrolik-rssNow wedding photos are nothing new. And here is a video made of them. Let us consider its advantages and how it can be done. Read More →

Осенний дизайн ногтейA specific time of the year must comply not only with clothes, and hair, make-up, manicure. Each season we associate with a particular colour and mood. So, autumn nail design is, as a rule, different shades of brown and gold, however, allowed a variety of… Read More →

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