Леа Сейду и Люпита Нионго претендуют на награду BAFTA

Announced shortlisted for a BAFTA 2014 in the category “Rising star”. Among the candidates, Lea seydoux, Люпита Нионго, will Поултер and others.

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Рианна для MAC Viva Glam: новый кадр

Rihanna again a popular cosmetic brand. Profit from the sale of cosmetics will be directed at the support of AIDS patients.

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For fastidious care of her winter weather with slush, cold wind and snow just sorely needs a practical, warm and comfortable outerwear. But still want to have a stylish and modern even in gloomy cloud weekdays. Therefore, we have the solution – the warm and trendy jackets Finnish company SkinnWille. It is their quality filler their Pooh обогреет in winter weather, and […] Read More →

Every woman prefers to perform manicure nail to feel confident and perfect. Indeed, conventional lacquer coating can not only harmoniously complete the image, but also significantly increase self-esteem. However, do not be overlooked to the choice of varnish, because of its resistance… Read More →

Гвинет Пэлтроу раскритиковали за ее диету

Gwyneth Paltrow told how to lose weight: actress uses only 300 calories a day and refrains from many products. The star has been criticised by doctors.

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The women in this age of so many Affairs and the duties that free time is spent exclusively on sleep. But you want more and look great every day. Manicure – an important detail of the image, it will always lack of time and resources. Try to find at least a few minutes a day, and Beauty-Hands.ru will reveal to you the secrets of Express care for nails. Manicure […] Read More →

Кейт Уинслет: "Я даю дочке свою косметику"

Kate Winslet has admitted that the 13-year-old daughter MIA uses cosmetics actress, and the star Дивергента” loves to change hairstyle, but does not like overhead strands and smoky eyes.

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Кейт Бланшетт: "Я не боюсь стареть!"

Cate Blanchett says she is not afraid of old age and is not going to do plastic surgery. 44-year-old star Jasmine does not understand the obsession of artificial youth.

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Алекса Вега и Карлос Пена поженились

The star of “Machete kills” and “spy Kids” Alexa VEGA married actor Carlos Pena, Mexico. 18 months ago the actress divorced with producer Sean Ковелом.

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Ева Герцигова раскрыла необычный бьюти-секрет

Eva Herzigova remains the star of the fashion industry, being three times a mother. As it turned out, the supermodel has a special beauty secrets.

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