Short hairstyles for older women - age charm

короткие стрижки для пожилых женщин Джоди ФостерAge imposes a visible mark on the appearance, in connection with this comes the need to revise the entire image, which includes a closet, and style. In adulthood hair is changing, and not only in color. They become tired, worse laying hold, so the best option hairstyles short hairstyles for older women.


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25 best dresses fashion Week in Paris

25 лучших платьев Недели высокой моды в Париже

Fashion week in Paris over, and then it was time to sum up the results, and remember the best works of the famous masters, which were presented to the General public.

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Diversity and production of women's clothing: it is important to know?

proizvod-ode-rssCurrently the women’s apparel market is so great, that the purchase of the necessary things is not difficult. But the Internet and in General, the choice is simply amazing. Read More →

Street style celebrity: Alessandra Ambrosio in California

Уличный стиль знаменитости: Алессандра Амбросио в Калифорнии

Yesterday Alessandra Ambrosio hit the lenses папарацции on the way from the coffee shop. For a morning walk supermodel has chosen the narrow gray jeans, black bomber and sneakers.

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Дерзский clothing style in the collection of Jean Paul Gaultier (+68 photo)

As always outrageous and daring, a collection of French designer and fashion designer clothes Jean Paul Gaultier is called audacity and new experiments with the appearance and clothing. If you want to add audacity in your bored image read this collection, and perhaps some details and solutions you will be able to make a reality! For example, a long beige and enough poofy skirt suit […] Read More →

Bioreinforcement - non-surgical facelift

bioarm-rssMany women would like to change the shape of the face. But not everyone wants to go under the knife of the surgeon (even experimental) to address those or other defects. For such people there is bioreinforcement. Read More →

There is no cause for grief: магшот Justin Bieber

Нет повода для огорчений: магшот Джастина Бибера

In the network there are pictures of Justin Bieber made after the arrest, the young man, smiling and, it seems, does not upset that he was in the police station.

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Cooking courses - learn how to cook delicious!

kulinar-rssNow more and more people want to do the cooking. By the way, not only women like to cook, because different cooking courses and master classes visited by more men. Read More →

Poor little rich girl: Jennifer Lopez on the set of the film Lila & Eve

Бедная богатая девочка: Дженнифер Лопес на съемках фильма Lila & Eve

Yesterday afternoon Jennifer Lopez paparazzi caught on the streets of Atlanta, where they are filming the movie Lila & Eve featuring celebrity.

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Express mask for face

маски для лица


When you need to quickly-quickly be beautiful and rejuvenate and no time to insist chamomile on green tea and whisking white Shea butter, homemade Express mask for the face of help to us. Insist, of course, still have, Yes, and brew, and a couple of components to quickly mix all the same it will be necessary, not to mention the whipping of protein in a cool foam. And who said it would be easy?

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