gipnoz-rssHypnosis nowadays are widely used many psychotherapists. Let’s see, what is this, what it treats and what is the attitude of the official medicine. Read More →

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Медицинский педикюрWhat is the difference medical pedicure from the usual? Medical pedicure aims not only to foot care, skin and the appearance of the nails, in the first place it aims to improve the health of the feet helps to maintain the skin and nails is in good condition… Read More →

домашние маски для глубокого восстановления волос


Want to quickly repair damaged hair and not particularly to exert his purse, and in the case of a sudden failure’t get next to useless jars and bottles with advertised miraculous means? Then gelatin, protein, yogurt and avocado in your hands, and then on the hair.

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Химический педикюрChemical pedicure is a non-contact method of removal calloused skin, surface cracks, corns. Previously cosmetology to eliminate the signs of hyperkeratosis could only offer hardware methodology or mechanical счищение feet after contact with кератолитикими. The tactics of chemical pedicure is somewhat different. Chemical pedicure… Read More →

Aftertaste hot Sicily in the advertising campaign for Dolce&Gabbana fall-winter 2013-2014. Passionate views provocative heart, dark intrigue and unimaginable luxury makes again and again revise the masterpieces of style and taste in the photo. Read More →

Обрезной педикюрOne of the hallmarks of a well-groomed woman is a nice pedicure. Many focus more on arms than the feet, which is a mistake. Although, for example, cut pedicure (classical) is what can be done not only in the cabin, but also independently. Trim pedicure… Read More →

домашние маски для подтяжки и омоложения лица


Today we will again turn to foreign wisdom English-language Internet resources and learn how to tighten and smooth the skin of the face in the home foreign beauty bloggers. There also honored our good old eggs, but they are mixed not only with oil and lemon juice and bananas, yogurt, avocado, rice flour and papaya. Sounds very intriguing, isn’t it?

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Фото дизайна квадратных ногтей 2013If you want to always be in the spotlight and receive compliments, do not forget the well-groomed and beautiful hands. Photo design square nails 2013 can help you decide what pattern to use for holidays and everyday life. Bright and at the same time… Read More →

косметика L’OréalBrand L’oreal rightfully holds the leading position in the segment of the mass market for many decades in a row. Cosmetics L’oreal has a deserved reputation, high quality and millions of fans worldwide who eagerly await the release of new collections, new shades to change their images. Real life in the style of L’oreal – such a fate would be the envy of the owners of many brands, not less famous and respectable.


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