The easiest manicure: ideas for beginners

Manicure in our days already for a long time is not a luxury but a necessity. It is known that professional manicure is not cheap. However, doing good manicure one can learn a beginner, saving time and money. Beautiful well-groomed hands – is the key to personal success of each person,… Read More →

13 simple hairstyles that do not require you blow-dry

простые прически, не требующие сушки феномFast hair styling – the best option for everyday routine, and also in the situation when you are in a hurry for a specific event. So simple hairstyles, not requiring blow-drying, will be very useful, and can afford each girl.


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Mila kunis helps with the housework mother, Ashton Kutcher

Милу Кунис помогает по хозяйству маме Эштона Катчера

Mila kunis behaves like a real sister-in-law with her mother, Ashton Kutcher and helps her make a purchase. Yesterday paparazzi photographed them in the Parking lot of a supermarket.

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Feelin' Myself: new clip Miley Cyrus and Will

Feelin' Myself: новый клип Майли Сайрус и

In the network there was a new clip with Miley Cyrus and of the song and Feelin’ Myself, which will be included in the new album rapper.

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Battle of dresses: Alexa Chung against Camilla Belle

Битва платьев: Алекса Чанг против Камиллы Белль

Feminine dress Erdem with floral print coveted two celebrities – presenter Alex Chung and actress Camilla Belle. Who looks better?

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Miley Cyrus and Barack Obama in the list of the least influential celebrities

Майли Сайрус и Барак Обама в списке наименее влиятельных знаменитостей

Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber, Prince George and U.S. President Barack Obama were in the list of the least influential celebrities in the world.

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How to do massage of hands?

The skin of the hands on a par with the neck is the main traitor women, telling the others about her real age. Being exposed to numerous influences of the environment, hands need careful maintenance and rehabilitation. One of the most safe and affordable methods of hand care rightly… Read More →

Britney Spears: "I'm in love"

Бритни Спирс: "Я влюблена"

Britney Spears happy. Singer said that over head and ears in love with her boyfriend David Лукадо and even thinking about the family.

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Prince Harry continues to conquer the South pole

Принц Гарри продолжает покорять Южный Полюс

The youngest son of Princess Diana – Harry continued his journey to the South Pole, despite a broken finger.

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9 simple hairstyles for summer

простые прически для летаKnots, braids and horse-tails – it seems that today there are a million variations of these hairstyles. Any of them is a win-win simple hairstyles for summer.


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