Anna Вьялицына and Matt Harvey parted

Анна Вьялицына и Мэтт Харви расстались

Model Anna Вьялицына and baseball player Matt Harvey decided to leave by mutual consent. The pair met for about eight months.

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What and how to restore the nails after the building?

As usually happens, the natural nails every woman after the building start to become very soft, brittle and dull. Not everyone is given by nature to have a beautiful well-groomed nails. To restore the nails after extension will need a lot of time, which is lacking in women…. Read More →

Classic short women's haircuts - spirited and strict

классические короткие женские стрижкиA classic is something that is time-tested, stored as inviolable canons, which keep coming back to for inspiration. In the world of hairdressing art, as in many other areas of fashion, there are basic form, the presence of which due to their versatility and ease, for example, classic short women’s haircuts. These categories are not one decade serve as the basis for creating a variety of other haircuts and styling, that a woman can implement yourself. The master’s cause in this case, the – pick up to her face, body type and lifestyle the most suitable shape and teach the basics of hair styling.


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David Beckham was presented new line of lingerie in new York

Дэвид Бекхэм презентовал новую линию белья в Нью-Йорке

Yesterday in new York, David Beckham was presented new line of men’s underwear for H&m Today, at the game Super Bowl will be the premiere of the advertising spot with his participation.

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Wedding gifts for the guests and relatives

podark-gost-rssIn Europe it has become a tradition presentation of gifts to his guests at the wedding. Let’s see what this custom and what can you give to those who came to your wedding. Read More →

Paris and Nicky Hilton pre-Super Bowl party

Пэрис и Ники Хилтон на пре-пати Super Bowl

Was held in new York’s pre-party match the Super Bowl called the Leather&Laces. Guests were Paris and Nicky Hilton, Bar Рафаэли, Brooklyn Decker and other stars.

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Short haircuts - comfortable length

короткие стрижкиShort haircuts in Vogue in those days, when women began to strive for equality, and became a sort of symbol of female independence and freedom, the right to be the way you want to be. And still in short haircut is seen something rebellious – often women cut their hair short to note, consciously or not, the transition to a new stage in life. Maybe so difficult decision to make a short cut that is why – not because they strongly changed her appearance.


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Fashion swimwear summer 2014: catalogue of Victoria's Secret (+16 photos)

Bright and seductive new collection of swimwear Victoria’s Secret was presented in a new directory for the season spring-summer 2014. The collection presents swimsuits juicy colors, and classic black and white colours. Top swimsuit can be colored or patterned, and the bottom a little different or a solid color. Also in the collection is a joint swimwear with deep necklines and […] Read More →

Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and other celebrities were told how to celebrate Valentine's Day

Рози Хантингтон-Уайтли и другие знаменитости рассказали, как отметят День святого Валентина

Before the holiday of St. Valentine Valentine’s Day is only a couple of weeks, and foreign celebrities shared their plans for this celebration.

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Import Facials at home

маски для лица в домашних условиях

In this selection masks at home are not just home masks from foreign beauty bloggers, but also masks a total of two components. These elements, by the way, it is quite possible without any problems found in our own refrigerator and a kitchen Cabinet or at first to buy in the nearest supermarket, and even in the ordinary food, and then put it in a locker or put in the refrigerator.

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