How to draw on graft nails: all features

The question of how to draw the extended nails is a growing concern not only masters of manicure business, but also simple lovers of a good home manicure. Drawings on the extended nails done by different methods and tools. In recent years, nail art boldly stepped out of the region… Read More →

Types of manicure and pedicure, the most modern technology

Not many people know what happen manicure and pedicure. But the fashion for them to acquire their peak. The techniques of classical and hardware manicure and pedicure, you can read this article. All people are individuals. For someone manicure is a common thing, but for… Read More →

Calvin Klein spring-summer 2014 (+36 photo)

Collection Francisco Costa Calvin Klein for the new season spring-summer 2014 was ambiguous. Designer wanted to break the deadlock and bring something new and different in their creation, but the conclusions of the public were not so much convincing in the success of the collection. Raw edge and fringe hanging edge dresses and pieces of cloth, like a hastily sewn patches are not impressed the audience. Photo collection […] Read More →

Bilateral manicure: how do master class

In our bright minds constantly come different ideas on creating a manicure, options designs that are, to use huge popularity, become hits. So where do we get these ideas? As it turned out, most of them lying on the surface. And just need to understand and present the idea to others. And bilateral manicure, became a hit 2013. That is […] Read More →

What nails fashionable in 2013: length, shape, style

What is fashionable length of the nails, and what fashion nails in 2013? The answers to these questions are interesting for many fashionistas who are constantly watching changeable fashion. The details in this article. Everyone knows that manicure is an integral part of the female image,… Read More →

Acute respiratory diseases among children - the first symptoms of the disease and methods of treatment

orvi-rssFor children SARS is transferred much more difficult than in adults. Therefore, to avoid any complications it is important to recognize him. How to do this quickly and accurately? Read More →

How to make flavor of colors (video)

как сделать цветочный ароматизатор

If you have, what is called, is still sniffer and your mood depends on around you, smells, it makes sense to use this to their advantage, as the ability to manage their own mood is the path to a very comfortable and happy life. Last, of course, can not affect the appearance of the most positive impact. Besides the video recipe will be used lavender flowers, which inter alia contribute to the healthy and deep sleep, which, again, is simply necessary for flourishing appearance and radiant mood.

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Ralph Lаuren spring-summer 2014 (+56 photo)

The main Creator of American fashion – Ralph – Lauren in his spring-summer collection 2014 has not changed the principles of building up a beautiful and elegant image. Quality cuts and expensive fabrics, simple silhouettes and combinations of colours as well as a return to 70-80-th year – here are the main priorities of the new collection of Ralph Lauren. The collection features black-and-white images – teen-schoolgirl, богатенькая spoiled rich child, […] Read More →

What gift to choose for a housewarming?

novoselie-rssHousewarming is quite a pleasant experience for anyone. Therefore a gift on this occasion should be a worthy and useful. What and how to choose? Read More →

Why the need for a wedding photographer?

svad-foto-rssMany newlyweds want for a long time remember the day of her wedding. That is why hire a wedding photographer, on services which, by the way, is not worth saving. Read More →