igrushki-detsad-rsssUpon reaching the age of three in a child’s life come significant changes – mother comes out maternity leave, and the baby starts kindergarten. One of the requirements… Read More →

Сати Казанова впервые вышла в свет с женихом Стефано Тиоццо после новости о скорой свадьбе

Sati Casanova first came into light with her fiance Stefano Tiozzo after the news about the forthcoming wedding

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belok-dla-pohudeniya-rssWhen there are so many delicious, but not always wholesome food, so much temptation and such an intense stressful events schedule, it is very difficult to keep your weight normal. Read More →

Виктория Бекхэм сделала макияж посетителям универмага в Лондоне

Victoria Beckham did the makeup for the visitors of the store in London

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abrikos-pirog-rssWant to surprise your family and friends? Prepare delicious pastries like the mouth-watering homemade cake with apricots. To prepare it very quick and easy, and the pleasure – ground… Read More →

stvolovie-kletki-rssCalled stem cell that can turn into a cage with another purpose, to continue to evolve naturally. Such a property is called differentiation. Read More →

vybor-zhen-halat-rssWomen’s Bathrobe at all times is very popular and never go out of fashion, swap unless its model, style, why he never ceases to be comfortable. Read More →

Встречаем бархатный сезон: в отпуск с любимыми бьюти-средствами в travel-формате

Meet velvet season: on vacation with your favorite beauty tools in travel format

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Кристен Стюарт и Стелла Максвелл устроили романтическую прогулку в Нью-Йорке

Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell arranged a romantic stroll in new York

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