"Bagel" and bagels: celebrities visited Ksenia Sobchak

"Бублик" и баранки: знаменитости побывали в гостях у Ксении Собчак

Ksenia Sobchak has opened the second floor of the famous cafes. In the evening nick Белоцерковская presented his new book, and star gourmets shared with the guests recipes.

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How to put pictures on the nails in the home: a manual for beginners

Every day nail art, art image on the nails of different patterns and drawings, is becoming more popular. Contrary to popular belief, it is available not only to professionals. Any girl can make a unique pattern on your nails. This needs only a little practice and… Read More →

"Superiority" with johnny Depp: the first teasers

"Превосходство" с Джонни Деппом: первые тизеры

The creators of the fantastic action “Superiority” with johnny Depp stir up the interest of the audience to the project. The first two for quite some time teaser picture with us divided blogger NGLG.

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Long-term styling: the perfect hairstyle every day

There are fortunate enough to spend a hair brush to look attractive. But most women need to make efforts to create a beautiful hairdo. Those who bothers daily spending hours in front of a mirror, suitable carving – long-term styling is quite popular salon procedure. What is carving In fact, carving hair is just the Read More →

Diet for weight loss in conjunction with training

pitan-pohud-rssIf you have decided to lose weight, the first thing you should pay attention to your diet. And if you all started to be intensively engaged, and sports nutrition. Read More →

"Romance with cocaine: a new film with Ksenia Sobchak

"Роман с кокаином": новый фильм с Ксенией Собчак

Very soon will be the premiere of the film “romance with cocaine”, where the main role is played by Igor Триф, Ksenia Sobchak, Vladimir Яглыч and others.

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The results of the year-2013: fashion advertising campaign

Итоги года-2013: модные рекламные кампании

It is time to remember the best advertising campaign of the year: Kate moss for Versace, Miranda Kerr for Mango, Beyonce for H&M and other art masterpieces in the field of fashion.

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Battle of dresses: Michel Доккери against Alicia Keys

Битва платьев: Мишель Доккери против Алиши Кис

Stella McCartney dress already appeared in our fashionable battle. This time Алише CIS and other celebrities joined Michelle Доккери.

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Matt manicure: photo and tips

You think you have already got acquainted with novelties of nail art? We present to your attention a provocative and very original version manicure, which is for many a real discovery. Trend 2014 Matt manicure, which clearly does not lose its popularity in the next season. If you are interested in the design of nails, get acquainted with advice and recommendations on its implementation of the […] Read More →

Look healthy nails: 5 main characteristics

Healthy and beautiful nails is a sign of good General health. Their ill kind, on the contrary, can speak as about the absence of vitamins and certain diseases such as diabetes. Knowing how to look healthy nails, you can monitor their status… Read More →

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