Manicure autumn 2013: how to choose

Beautiful and well-groomed nails – the main sign of taste and a tool of self-confidence. However, in order to manicure looked perfectly, special attention should be paid to the relevance of the chosen design, which must necessarily be trendy. We on the website will tell you how to look manicure autumn 2013. Fashionable color in the autumn […] Read More →

Design: almond-shaped nails

Дизайн: миндалевидные ногтиDespite classicism forms, beauty nail design gives Almond-shaped nails, which enjoys growing popularity among women. However, young people sometimes changes avant-garde style of the classics. Such a beautiful nail shape is ideal for wedding manicure. Classic French, stucco and rhinestones – nothing more,… Read More →

Curling hair: proper use and care

плойка для волосIf the nature has bestowed you naturally curly hair, you will likely at least a couple of times resorted to the help of Curling, to give your hair a playful texture. Curling hair – it really is a magical tool that can turn straight hair curly and curly hair to give a more accurate and expressive look. But just as it sounds, the art of Curling can be quite tricky. Therefore, it is important to know what types of плоек best suited to the type and texture of your hair, and what equipment Curling will transform your hair into a neat curls.


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Nail design at home

Дизайн ногтей в домашних условияхThe perception of an image depends on the details. So, play a special role makeup with a manicure. However, behind the beautiful nail art is not necessary to go to the salon, it is possible to make the design of nails at home just by looking step-by-step photo: Накрасьте nail bright blue lacquer. Then spend a thin… Read More →

Fashion jackets autumn-winter 2013-2014 (+photos)

Another pictures of the latest fashion jackets – more than 90 photo from the podium waiting for you! Photo fashion jackets autumn-winter 2013-2014: Read More →

The basic nuances in the selection of women's coats

palto-rssAutumn comes, and with it the cold, rain and wet weather. It’s time to think about purchasing a good women’s coat. But how to choose and what to prefer? Read More →

Some peculiarities of education of boys

vospitanie-malch-rssIf you have a son, to his upbringing need to be a little more serious, because it’s the future head of the family and the owner. Now what will it be fully depends on you. Read More →

New nail designs 2013

Новые дизайны ногтей 2013New trends in style and decoration of the nail dictate new technologies of work. Every year come up with new ideas for manicure and that embody new nail designs 2013. Lots of photos, which are full of magazines and Internet publications, suggests that… Read More →

Secrets to saving when purchasing professional cosmetics

pokupka-kosmetiki-rssProfessional cosmetics is the best way to rejuvenate your skin. But it is very expensive. And you know how you can save on the purchase? Read More →

Brazilian pedicure

Бразильский педикюрProcedure pedicure includes several stages. To do this, use a variety of means: scrubs, creams, oils and gels to soften the cuticles. Recently appeared a comprehensive approach – Brazilian pedicure. From the name it is clear that he came from Brazil. Way to care is… Read More →