Julia Roberts: "I Hope Emma will remain!"

Джулия Робертс: "Надеюсь, Эмма останется собой!"

Julia Roberts hopes that her famous niece Emma will remain a: film industry a bad influence on young Actresses in the age of Twitter and Facebook.

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Vladimir Putin became the "Person of the year for the sixth time in a row

Владимир Путин стал "Человеком года" в шестой раз подряд

Vladimir Putin became the “Person of the year”, according to the Russians, the sixth time. Next in the ranking of the Levada center – Sergei Shoigu, Edward Snowden, Dmitry Medvedev and Mikhail Khodorkovsky.

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"Woman of the year 2013"Ksenia Sobchak bypassed Lyudmila Putin

"Женщина года-2013": Ксения Собчак обошла Людмилу Путину

Ksenia Sobchak bypassed Lyudmila Putin, in the rating of the “Woman of the year 2013”, decided the Russians. In the first place – Alla Pugacheva, followed by Valentina Matvienko, Angela Merkel.

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Chocolate bath and sweet and salty body scrubs

домашние скрабы для тела

We offer to your attention three anti-stress recipe for body skin. One crisp, with rosemary, another peaceful, with vanilla and sugar, and the most powerful blow on stress – tub of chocolate! And who said that we do not deserve it? Yes let seems our eyes, we immediately before the normal human condition in chocolate soak tub and all the dead skin with salt and honey and lemon mentally отдерем to become soft, silky and fragrant to full mental enlightenment and spiritual appeasement.

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The results of the year - 2013: the most boring celebrity

Итоги года - 2013: самая надоевшая знаменитость

About them this year, said many, many, very many, and sometimes even too much. Miley Cyrus, Kim and Kanye, “50 shades of gray” and other themes, which is tired of the audience.

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Weekly battle covers: 23

Еженедельная битва обложек: 23.12 - 29.12

Their cover – last in the outgoing year are HELLO!, GRAZIA and STAR of the Hit.

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Homemade masks for deep regeneration of the hair

домашние маски для волос

Homemade masks for hair take a lot of time and effort, but give an incomparable feeling executed before its beauty debt. Yes and effect from them much more than the bought, let this opinion is purely subjective. But you can’t just упахаться, the перемазаться, bath перемазать, kitchen перемазать, a bunch of dishes too перемазать – and not get in the end a stunning wow effect!


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Christmas gifts for any taste (part 2)

Новогодние подарки на любой вкус (часть 2)

What New year without the interesting gift for yourself and loved ones? In the second part of our Easter review – best adornments, accessories, cosmetics and clothes.

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Special edition posters "Сплетника: major entertainment on vacation

Специальный выпуск афиши "Сплетника": главные развлечения на каникулах

Christmas fairs, rollers, Christmas parties, Christmas trees, and much else in a special editorial review site SPLETNIK.RU.

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How correctly to stick flexible false nails

Artificial nails is popular, but unlike acrylic, which require constant correction flexible false nails can be used at home by using a minimal set manicure accessories. False nails long ceased to be a synonym for a bad taste. This was before they were thick and coarse, very prominent on the nails and unnatural. Now, when Read More →

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