As the return of her husband? A few simple but effective tips

vernut-muzha-rssIf it seems that your husband fell out of love with you and is going to leave the family, it is recommended to use the tips from this article. They will help you to save the marriage and the return of the spouse. Read More →

How to distinguish a bad fur coat from qualitative?

shuba-rssWhen choosing a coat woman usually plagued by questions: what kind of fur is better? How not to buy a fake? What to look for when buying? These and other questions the answers in the article. Read More →

How to make peeling of the scalp?

Tips and tricks Read More →

An evening hairdo own hands: 50 photos

Holiday hairstyle in most cases do not so difficult. Read More →

Sela: the directory service's official website (photo)

Summer catalogue Sela delight their fans with a mass of jewelry and accessories – massive bracelets and colorful necklaces, pendants different length, sunglasses, earrings, hats – all reminds us of summer. Floral prints are occupied a worthy place in the collection – trousers, blouses, dresses with flowers is a fashion trend! Note jeans popular denim waistcoat and jacket and […] Read More →

Modern jewelry, Arts & Crafts - style element women

arts-rssWhat distinguishes the modern elegant woman? Of course, it’s her style! One unique and inherent only to her and no one else. … Read More →

Facials at home

маски для лица в домашних условиях


Another compilation of recipes for facial masks at home. This time we bring to your attention the summer face mask. In summer, in masks for face at home often use a variety of vegetables and fruit to nourish and restore the skin after a long winter and a long spring and prepare it for a cold autumn and new harsh winter.

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Baths for the feet: how to choose a + recipes

Placing increased requirement to the beauty of their hands, women are often neglected the need to full foot care. Such behaviour is totally incorrect. After all, foot care, including a full range of treatments is very important not only aesthetically, but also to prevent development of many diseases. How to choose the foot, which diversifies treatments, we […] Read More →


Nail-biting (онихофагия refers primarily in children and adolescents. Sometimes the addiction observed in adults. First of all, this habit signals about any emotional disorder. Therefore, it is urgent to change something in their life and eradicate the problem. The child on the presence of harmful… Read More →

Hogl catalog footwear 2013 (+23 photos)

Directory Hogl Shoe 2013 is a classic shoes in modern interpretation – elegant shoes, shoes with your nose open platform heels, boots and shoes with laces. Shoes presents in modern colors – coral, light beige, Golden, black and white. See the new directory Hogl Shoe 2013! Photo catalog Hogl Shoe 2013 : Read More →