Dakota Johnson: "I burst into tears when she got the role in "50 shades of grey!"

Дакота Джонсон: "Я разрыдалась, когда получила роль в "50 оттенков серого"!"

Dakota Johnson admitted that she burst into tears immediately after she got the role Анастейши in the film adaptation of “the 50 shades of grey.

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Provenance Tales: perfume tales of Rouge Bunny Rouge

Provenance Tales: парфюмерные сказки от Rouge Bunny Rouge

Three fabulous fragrance collection Provenance Tales is the story of the world, is told in the language of perfume. The author works – brand Rouge Bunny Rouge.

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Do all of suitable tiger nails?

Most women like tiger style in a nail design. Partly because all the ladies – cats in heart and in real life are very fond of all members of this family. Tiger nail art is a very expressive and unique design creates the impression sexual hunters. Even… Read More →

Natalia Ionova told HELLO! about family and daughters

Natalia Ionova appeared on an interview with the magazine HELLO! in the cosy a white sweater, jeans, no косметитки and her hair in the image of the mischievous teenager. The singer told about raising children, work, family life and his childhood. About your day Today at 8 a.m. me in the room ran Lida and Read More →

Emma stone and Andrew Garfield on фотоколле "New spider-Man 2"

Эмма Стоун и Эндрю Гарфилд на фотоколле "Нового Человека-паука 2"

Emma stone, Andrew Garfield and Jamie Foxx visited фотоколл Thriller “the amazing spider-Man 2” in Los Angeles. The premiere will take place next spring.

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Айрленд Baldwin: "My father Alec is not homophobic and not a racist!"

Айрленд Болдуин: "Мой отец Алек – не гомофоб и не расист!"

Айрленд Baldwin tried to defend his father Alec after the actor was accused of using foul language and гомофобских comments.

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Correction nail - compromise with nature for a beautiful manicure

No limit to perfection – this simple slogan guided by women who regularly visit beauty salons, in particular, masters of manicure. And what passions ignite worth only girl break a nail, who for so long растился independently or found its length with the help of a specialist. Correction nail, natural or artificial – popular service Read More →

What TV choose

As usual, the average vacationer people spend the night? As a rule, in front of the TV. Someone rushes to viewing a favorite of transfer or series, someone just wants to lie down and relax under monotonous work «blue» screen. However, most people also cares about the quality of the viewer, which is somewhat dependent Read More →

Ben Affleck supported a patient with leukemia boy-Batman

Бен Аффлек поддержал больного лейкемией мальчика-Бэтмена

Ben Affleck, Christian bale and other executors of the role of Batman supported the 5-year-old boy suffering from leukemia. The President Barack Obama played the video.

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What do you know about the form of nails «pipe»?

Nail form in the style of the pipe is intended on the one hand, for those women that like the combination of classics and facilities, on the other – are in step with the times. It is distinguished elegance and perfect for any form of hands. What shape would neither was chosen, it is important Read More →

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