Arnica BORA 5000 - only positive from the purchase!

arnica-rssVacuum cleaner Arnica Bora 5000 not so long ago appeared on the Russian market, but already you can find the positive reviews of his work. One such review has sent our reader. Read More →

Sunny manicure: benefit, as do

With the onset of the first autumn days we are already beginning to experience a shortage of solar energy. And in the winter and doesn situation is catastrophic: a bad mood, always want to sleep, there’s no strength even to domestic matters. And did you know that your nails also suffer from a lack of solar rays of the sun? If you want to return them healthy and energized, try to Sunny manicure. […] Read More →

Some of the risks virtual Dating and chatting

virt-obschenie-rssNot everybody is lucky in real sex and Dating, so more and more people choose virtual. However, many people forget that this could end in tears. Read More →

Naomi Campbell visited a tea ceremony in Australia

Наоми Кэмпбелл посетила чайную церемонию в Австралии

Naomi Campbell visited a tea ceremony in Australia, organized in honour of the Consulate General of Japan in Sydney. The model helped to restore the building after the tsunami.

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Afisha "Сплетника: major entertainment c 30 November to 8 December

Афиша "Сплетника": главные развлечения c 30 ноября по 8 декабря

Traditional category “Billboard” will acquaint with the most interesting of the events of the next few days. Read about the concerts Zemfira and The Cardigans and many other things.

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What tool is most effective from the grooves on the nails?

Nail condition – an indicator of the health of the organism. People suffering from deficiency of microelements and vitamins, with wellfunctioning internal organs, usually there are no problems with the appearance of the nail. Many women faced with unpleasant inclusions on the surface of the nail plate – transverse and longitudinal grooves on the nails. Read More →

The fiasco of the movies 2013, according to Forbes

Самые провальные фильмы 2013 года по версии Forbes

Forbes magazine named five of the most unsuccessful films 2013. The list includes movies featuring Jennifer Lopez, Benedict Камбербэтча and Harrison Ford.

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What is pressotherapy and what are its effects on the body?

press-rssProbably many of you have heard currently fashionable word “pressotherapy” and “drainage”? But not everyone knows what it really is. In this article we try to figure it out. Read More →

"Sherlock" with Benedict Камбербэтчем come back 1 January

"Шерлок" с Бенедиктом Камбербэтчем вернется уже 1 января

It became known, that the premiere of the new series of “Sherlock” with Benedict Камбербэтчем on British television on 1 January 2014.

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Weekly battle covers: 25

Еженедельная битва обложек: 25.11-01.12

Pyotr Fyodorov on the cover of HELLO!, Irina Slutskaya with children in OK! Hollywood star Angelina Jolie in Grazia and heroines reality show Star Hit. Choose the best cover of this week!

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