organizac-svadb-rssSo relevant and crucial activity as the organization of various festive events could not be better suited to active and non-trivial-minded woman… Read More →

Пенелопа Крус сыграет Донателлу Версаче в третьем сезоне сериала "Американская история преступлений"

Penelope Cruz will play Donatella Versace in the third season of “American crime story”

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Эван МакГрегор в неузнаваемом образе в первом тизере третьего сезона сериала "Фарго"

Ewan McGregor at the unrecognizable image in the first teaser of the third season of “Fargo”

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perv-brach-noch-rsssNewlyweds waiting for the wedding night with impatience. They are already up to that point had engaged in sexual relations or even a few years lived in a civil marriage… Read More →

protez-zubov-rss1Today, dentists and orthodontists offer a lot of types of preservation of the teeth. These include methods of restoration and prosthetics. The choice of treatment depends on… Read More →

Софи Лорен, Николь Шерзингер, Екатерина Гусева и другие гости музыкальной премии BraVo

Sophia Loren, Nicole Scherzinger, Ekaterina Guseva and other guests music awards BraVo

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Among the diverse diseases of the nail plate and bed, special attention deserves such a medical and cosmetic problem as pterygium. Primary pterygium is called influx on the nails the skin, which can grow, covering part of the plate or taking her almost completely. It is worth to notice that the nails with… Read More →

Беременная Анна Седокова опубликовала в Instagram фото в спортивном топе и крошечных шортах

Pregnant Anna Sedokova published in Instagram photo in a sports top and tiny shorts

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Наталья Водянова прилетела в Австрию с детьми на Специальную Олимпиаду

Natalia Vodianova arrived in Austria with children in Special Olympics

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Брюс Уиллис сводил жену Эмму Хемминг и младших дочек в Диснейленд

Bruce Willis took his wife Emma hemming and younger daughters to Disneyland

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