Marni spring-summer 2014 (Resort)

In the resort season, designers Marni, unlike other labels, and decided to make a collection. Of course, chaotic quirky style completely disappeared, but has become much stricter. Dominates clear slim silhouette, underlined belt. Abstract prints saturated colors became more reserved and formal. And a Bohemian style of mingled with athletic elements and influences of the 70’s. Photo collection Marni spring-summer 2014 (Resort): Read More →

Pedicure fish: features

Salon enables any woman feel like a Queen, break away from everyday life and finally to fully relax. Besides, workers of the industry of beauty care about their visitors and constantly offer various new items that can satisfy even the most sophisticated client. Pedicure fish is just one of such novelties. This direction of cosmetology yet provided only in […] Read More →

Trendy nail design: summer 2013

Neon manicure for the summer season is the best option to emphasize their individuality. This trendy nail design summer 2013 owner will Shine brighter than the sun, and not necessarily the fancy dress. Blinding bright appearance of the nails will do the trick. The first option is the… Read More →

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The design of the square nails

The beauty of women is largely determined by its willingness to regularly take care of herself. Attention should be paid to the skin, hair, and nails. Beautiful manicures, tender skin of hands and a properly selected Lac create the unique charm of each of the fair sex. Giving the nails of a certain form is one of the main points of the programme of hand care. The square shape of the nail plate enjoys perhaps the biggest […] Read More →

Fashion nails - the abundance of decorative elements

модный маникюрFashion nails varies from season to season together with the outfits. Every time new variants of painting nails, but, nevertheless, some basic elements remain unchanged. To decorate their nails are not only beautiful, but also very stylish, each woman, you only have to make a little imagination, not forgetting to view the latest fashion trends.


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Summer nail design

Learn how to choose, and better – do summer nail design need all the fashionable women who want to be in the actual trend «to the tips of nails». Not to look too extravagant, remember that for different events, and even time of day, there are different ideas… Read More →

Homemade masks from blackheads on the nose

домашние маски от черных точек

Black point, they acne, they clogged pores is, of course, very ugly, especially when this rare natural misunderstanding decorates the most outstanding part of our face – nose. You can, of course, squeeze, but then a couple of days exactly will find the swollen red nose of a drunkard, and a couple of acne on the foreground, so it makes sense to try to get rid of acne is not so radical, but much more gentle way to our skin, for example, homemade masks from the black dots.

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Neon manicure master-class, tips and videos

This summer, the hottest and brightest trends is neon shoes, clothes and various accessories. It is such a brilliant style can attract people’s attention to you and to your image. If you have already tried themselves in this style, bought a neon shoes or clothes, it’s time to try neon manicure. And exactly how it is done today […] Read More →

Bottega Veneta spring-summer 2014 (Resort)

In this cruise collection Thomas Meyer decided to focus on flawless execution, and not on the ideas and experiments. So, for example, to create the shoes were invited masters from Morocco. Not less attention was paid to the materials – different combinations of fabrics, crocheting, embroidery and other elements which are combined into a rich and workshop collection. The things are not like […] Read More →