Photo wedding nail design

Фото свадебного дизайна ногтейEvery bride wants to look unbeatable in the most important for her day. But with mediocre manicure image will be not enough is bright and full. Therefore, before the final decision about his appearance at the wedding, make sure that the color and pattern you like. In choosing… Read More →

The spirits of «Golden Scythian»: precious aroma

духи Злато скифовThe spirits of «Golden Scythian» one of the very few scents, which has received recognition not only at home but also abroad: this perfume was awarded the highest award at the international competition in Brussels. Classic evening fragrance is truly a precious example of perfumery the Soviet period. However, it is released to this day, and is available to everyone.


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Homemade masks for acne and acne

домашние маски от прыщей и угрей

If your skin is really annoying you sudden and permanent invasions of acne and blackheads, then it stands to take with full seriousness and responsibility. The most important thing here on time clear, отщелушить, nourish and moisturize, that is, to wash, to поскрабиться something moisturizes-nutritious spread. In periods of rapid burst of acne and прыщавой activity will not be superfluous and продезинфицироваться, but without excessive fanaticism.

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«Red Moscow» perfume - the symbol of the

духи Красная МоскваEvery year perfumers offer women new fragrances. But not all fashionable spirits are destined to join the ranks of the classics and remain popular for many years, as it was the most famous парфюму the Soviet era. Legendary «Red Moscow» perfume known, perhaps, to everyone: their name has long been a household.


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Fashionable raincoats autumn-winter 2013-2014 (+47 photos from the podium)

Fashion cloaks on the new season of autumn-winter 2013-2014 mantle in military style coats with the smell, raincoats-line beige. The main difference from the fashion coats of autumn-winter 2012-2013 appearance on the podium vast wealth of lacquer coats Bordeaux colors, black lacquer coats with collar and flared raincoats (sufficiently wide cut). Burberry Prorsum – master fashion […] Read More →

Photos of beautiful nail design 2013

Фото красивого дизайна ногтей 2013Going to a party, you always want to look simply stunning. Beautiful make-up, a neat hairstyle, dress emphasizing all fine body shape, but… something was still missing. But not enough to all of this set of seductive women manicure! And not simple, but a beautiful manicure! So… Read More →

Spray with sea salt with their hands

спрей с морской солью своими руками


Текстурирующие sprays with sea salt, able to create the effect of beach waves, today extremely popular and, as usual, roads. This will cost you 50 times cheaper groceries and that it is quite possible to be even 100 times better. But the proof is in the pudding.

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