zhensk-palto-rsssCoat was and remains a thing mainly classical, and many women, wanting to create an aged and stylish look based on the classics, make a choice in favor… Read More →

Анджелина Джоли рассказала в интервью, как 15-летний сын Мэддокс стал ее правой рукой

Angelina Jolie has told how 15-year-old son Maddox has become her right hand

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toster-vybor-rsssThe toaster is designed for toasting toast bread (toast) for Breakfast. Toasters from different companies do not have any fundamental differences, as for… Read More →

Обнародовано первое фото со съемок новой комедийной драмы с Джонни Деппом в главной роли

Released the first photo from filming a new Comedy drama with johnny Depp in the title role

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Алсу поделилась с поклонниками мыслями о браке

Alsu shared with fans thoughts on marriage

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Елена Темникова рассказала в соцсети, что впервые решилась на биоревитализацию

Elena Temnikova, told in the social network, which first ventured into the biorevitalisation

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Принцы Уильям и Гарри покажут неизвестные фото из личного альбома принцессы Дианы в преддверии двадцатой годовщины ее гибели

Princes William and Harry will show unknown photo from the personal album of Princess Diana on the eve of the twentieth anniversary of her death

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vyazanie-igloj-rssAlmost forgotten by modern civilization, the technique of knitting needle, start a new round of rebirth. Archaeological finds in Northern Europe, gave the world the priceless exhibits… Read More →

modeli-divana-rssThe purchase of a new sofa – the process responsible, exciting and challenging. You want to buy was good, pleasing to the eye with its beauty and stylish design, was comfortable… Read More →