moda-v-50-rssWomen above 50 years of age also need to carefully monitor themselves and their appearance, however, not to be young, and try to do so, to look younger and more elegant. Read More →

sushenie-moreprodukty-rssDried seafood today represent the most popular snack. In addition, doctors around the world agree that the seafood is incredibly useful… Read More →

Звездный Instagram: селфи с Аллой Пугачевой и прыжки в воздухе

Star Instagram: selfie with Alla Pugacheva and jumping in the air

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nevrolog-rsssMany people delay going to the specialist-a neurologist, attributing their discomfort to age or fatigue. However, even the seemingly most innocuous symptoms… Read More →

Татьяна Навка отпраздновала день рождения в компании Пескова, Пугачевой, Киркорова, семьи Юдашкиных и не только

Tatiana Navka celebrated birthday in the company Peskov, Pugacheva, Kirkorov, family Yudashkina and not only

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loreal-rssOn the condition of the hair is mostly influenced by external factors: coloring, constant use of hair dryers, Curling irons or other styling tools, weather conditions and temperature. Read More →

Кейт Миддлтон и принц Уильям дали интервью на радио: разговор о детях, драке с принцем Гарри и скандальном танце Уильяма

Kate Middleton and Prince William gave an interview on the radio: talking about the kids, fight with Prince Harry and scandalous dance William

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piling-hl-rssA variety of cosmetic products allows each girl the woman can look good at any age. To care for the skin many people use the peels… Read More →

Кейт Миддлтон рассказала о своих психологических проблемах и материнстве

Kate Middleton talked about their psychological problems and motherhood

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У детей из вирусного новостного выпуска BBC появилось собственное шоу

In children of viral news BBC got their own show

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