Do manicure – already ritual for each girl, after all the nails should always be well-groomed, clean and tidy. However, very often we long to dry lacquer, but when forgetfulness can and does spoil manicure.

Many modern girls prefer not to spend time and money going to a beauty salon, manicure and perform at home in your spare time. In General, it is simple cosmetic procedure, especially if you know all its subtleties and nuances. The correct technique home manicure allows not only to save the durability and longevity of his masterpiece, but also to ensure a well-groomed appearance girlish hands.

First of all, it is worth manicure, that is, carefully trim the form of a nail cut cuticles and eliminate dead skin cells. When such preparatory work completed, you can proceed directly to the painting of the nail plates. However, it is not so easy as it might seem ordinary man in the street, but it is important to maintain consistency in the process.

First, you need to degrease the surface of each of the nail plate, which ensures long-term durability of manicure. In this case, you can use special cosmetic or ordinary nail Polish remover. However, be sure to wait to marigold dry up and only then transgress to create his masterpiece.

Nail Polish is important to choose quick-drying, or to explore all the ways of accelerating the drying of varnish covering. So what are the rules? First, apply the lacquer not a thick layer, otherwise he will not merely be a long time to dry, but also to form bubbles at the surface of the nail plate.

Secondly, put it in two layers, with evenly spread around the ноготку for faster drying. Thirdly, after the first coat it is important to wait a couple of minutes, otherwise lacquer coating will be distributed unevenly, significantly damaging the appearance of manicure. Similar manipulations carried out and the rest of the nails, observing everything in detail the same technique.

In any case, for everyday manicure at home is especially relevant in quick-drying lacquer. Nails, after his application to dry after only a few seconds, without the need them even in cold water lowering. It is an ideal solution for all employed young ladies who simply have no time for the long drying. However, this acquisition has both its advantages and pronounced disadvantages. Start all stands with good.

So, quick-drying lacquer dried out in a natural way in a few seconds. In addition, it strengthens the nail plate and provides manicure for a long time. But among the disadvantages, I would emphasize the fact that the fingernails under the influence of sunlight can buy a hideous yellow tint, so do not save on their beauty and it is best to choose those varnish coatings that contain special UV-filters. By the way, smart enamel is a very quick-drying coating.

Among the vast range of products is uniquely highlight innovative lacquer 1 Seconde with ultra fashionable tassel. This coating dries almost for a couple of seconds and ensures long-lasting effect and a perfect view of manicure. Such a purchase has only advantages, among them a panoramic tassel, which effortlessly covers the entire surface of the nail, and does not extend beyond it. Yes, and design of the bottles of appeals to many modern young ladies.

Seche Vite also provides a quick drying coating, which also significantly prolongs the life of manicure. This is a series of cosmetics which is also popular because it provides a long-lasting effect. Each tool has its own unique purpose, and after the procedure, the nails radiate with beauty and health.

Quick-drying varnishes Orly and Sally Ханен also brilliantly fix manicure, significantly extending its term. Good quality also helps hide visual defects of the nail plates, giving them a smooth and healthy appearance. Such varnish coverings provide long-lasting cosmetic effect, and one vial enough for a long time.

However, it is understood that such varnish coatings are more expensive, so such a purchase could not afford each girl. That is why many prefer to use in practice the free ways of drying nail that also significantly accelerate this monotonous process.

For example, a bottle with a liquid before painting you can send for a short period of time in the refrigerator, and then to use. Can also be used for drying cold air or cold water. As a rule, these primitive techniques significantly accelerate the drying of the nails, and after a couple of minutes manicure pleases the eye with its refinement and perfection.

Despite the fact that the acquisition of nail Polish is not cheap, many modern women are equal to acquire this product. Indeed, this is the perfect solution allows manicure and save, and nails improve. So that in choosing doubts arise.

The Internet has a huge number of Internet-shops, which are engaged in realisation of this product. Moreover, on numerous forums of women and not only you can read reviews about this or that product. So the correctness of his decision to doubt should not, and on trips to the salon you can also significantly save.

How many dries nail Polish should know every girl. Besides, you can always accelerate this long process, simply purchase a quick-drying lacquer coating.

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