"Оскар-2014": Сандра Баллок и другие звезды на фотоколле номинантов

Before the ceremony Oscar-2014″ there is less than three weeks, soon nominees for the award are preparing for an important event and a “just in case” rehearse thankful speeches. Until then, until the day “X” there is still time, celebrities gathered at the annual фотоколле contenders for the cherished statuette in Beverly hills.

Traditionally guests of the event become actors, Directors, writers and other representatives of the film industry marked with awards in different categories. So, this year on the red carpet appeared Cate Blanchett, Sandra Bullock and Amy Adams (claiming a prize in the category for Best actress), Люпита Нионго that will compete for the award for “Best actress of the second plan”, the rivals in the category “Best actor” Leonardo DiCaprio, Christian Bale and Matthew McConaughey and competitors Jonah Hill, Bradley Cooper and Jared Leto.

By the way, Julia Roberts also had to make the company nominees, however, missed a traditional event of the death of 37-year-old stepsister Nancy Моутс, who died the day before.

Of course, despite the fact that all of us want to win, voltage between the audience was: celebrity friendly talked, joked and happily posed for the cameras. After фотоколла guests proceeded to the hall of luxury at the Beverly Hilton, where the event continued with a fun party.

Assess in the light output of the nominees and look forward to the 86-th ceremony of delivery of awards “Oscar”, which, let’s remind, on March, 2.

сандра баллок
Sandra Bullock

сандра баллок

кейт бланшетт
Cate Blanchett

кейт бланшетт

эми адамс
Amy Adams

эми адамс

мэрил стрип
Meryl Streep

люпита нионго
Люпита Нионго

леонардо дикаприо
Leonardo DiCaprio

брэдли купер
Bradley Cooper

кристиан бейл и сиби блазик
Christian bale and CB Блазик

джона хилл
Jonah Hill

жюли дельпи
Julie Дельпи

жюли дельпи

итан хоук
Ethan Hawke

джаред лето
Jared Leto

мэтью макконахи и камилла альвес
Matthew McConaughey and Camilla Alves

кристен белл
Kristen Bell

фарелл уильямс
Farrell Williams

фарелл уильямс


мартин скорсезе
Martin Scorsese

альфонсо куарон
Alfonso Куарон

дэвид о.рассел
David О.Рассел

александр пейн
Alexander Payne

стив куган
Steve Coogan

фарелл уильямс и сандра баллок
Farrell Williams and Sandra Bullock

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