Орландо Блум об отношениях с Мирандой Керр: " Мы любим друг друга. Мы семья"

In the beginning of this week Miranda Kerr and Orlando Bloom announced their separation after three years of marriage. But, despite the current situation, they continue to communicate and will maintain friendly relations, because the former lovers grows 2-year-old son Flynn, in which they loved.

Recently bloom commented parting with Kerr: in his interview, he spoke about what is happening in his life:

We love each other. We are a family. We will be present in the lives of each other until the end. We will support and love each other for the sake of our son. We parents.Sometimes life circumstances are not so, as we plan and hope, but we are grown people. I now 36, in her 30s, we are professionals, we love and care for each other, but even more we love our son.

Let’s remind, according to the representative of actors, the couple does not live together within several months. Moreover, Miranda and Orlando put up for sale a common home in Los Angeles for $ 3 million. However, despite this, they still appear together in public and regularly communicate.

Миранда Керр и Орландо Блум
Miranda Kerr and Orlando bloom

Миранда Керр и Орландо Блум

Миранда Керр и Орландо Блум

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