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Опра Уинфри заявила, что бодипозитив должен иметь границы: "Я не смогу принять себя, если вес перевалит за 90 килограммов"

Oprah Winfrey

Do Oprah HaveINRI weight relations professional: 63-year-old TV presenter two years ago, became a shareholder of the international company Weight Watchers, offering products and services for weight loss. In winter, American TV star shared with her fans a good experience of loss, and now criticized supporters of bodypositive for neglect of health.

Oprah said that when her weight exceeds 90 pounds, she wanted to rely on the idea of bodypositive and feel comfortable in your body, but are unable to do this without risk to health.

Your heart that pumps and pumps blood, needs the weight was small. So when you hear conversations about accepting yourself in any way, want to answer, you can’t accept yourself, if the weight exceeds 90 pounds, because he causes too much load on the heart. This will cause high blood pressure, will increase the risk of developing diabetes, because he suffered from my family members,said Winfrey and urged everyone not to simplify to the absurd acceptance of oneself.

According to Oprah, important individual weight loss plan, as well as a person’s awareness of what he eats.

Опра Уинфри
Oprah Winfrey

Опра Уинфри

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