масляный маникюр Well-groomed hands and nails has long been considered a sign of good income, a high level of life and simply integral attribute of appeal. Beauty salons vying stores offer their attenders new procedures to give the skin of the hands of the velvetiness and soft. Site Beauty-Hands.ru wants to highlight is quite popular today care method handles, namely oil manicure.

Who shows this procedure?

Hot manicure special oil is ideal for owners of thin nails, inclined to be disintegrated and fragility. This is also a great opportunity to do hands skin is very soft and tender. Particularly relevant oil manicure winter. It is in a cold season the number of intake of vitamins minimized, while low temperatures cause dryness in the skin. Also on hand may appear cracks and wounds that are healed by perfectly oil.

This manicure efficiency compared with the famous paraffin treatment for. However, if the latter has a number of contraindications, the procedure hot oil can be applied to absolutely everyone.

Women who self-washing dishes, oil manicure is simply necessary. It neutralizes the corrosive effects of detergents and hard water. And it can be recommended for men, whose nature skin is rough and dry.

In adolescence such the procedure will strengthen nails and to lay the basis for further strong growth of the nail plate. Women of Mature age manicure with oil will help solve the problem of dry skin and rejuvenate handle.

One conclusion is obvious: this procedure is very useful and necessary for everyone. Let us consider in details technology of its holding in the salon and home.

Professional oil manicure

Manicure using oil is also called hot, although it is more correct to his name warm. All the matter is that the oil is heated to a temperature of 50 degrees. For these purposes in the salons are special trays. They not only help to achieve the desired temperature of the liquid, but also maintain the required level for a long time. Why is it so important to achieve a level of 50 degrees? It is at this temperature gets into the skin maximum number of vitamins and microelements.

масляный маникюрA few words I want to say about oil. Masters use professional tool oil-based. It contains a huge number of mineral substances and vitamins. When heated all these useful elements penetrate the skin. So, what is the oil manicure?

  1. First nail remove the old coating of varnish.
  2. Further nails nail files are processed with fine abrasive surface to shape.
  3. Immediately before the procedure must be carefully wash hands with soap and wipe them with antiseptic agent.
  4. Each hand queue is dipped in a bath for 10 minutes. To reduce discomfort, oil is heated gradually, reaching a peak.
  5. When the cuticle completely softened, and your skin becomes velvety, the procedure is stopped. In the case when the cuticle is too rough, it should be first processed by with fruit acids.
  6. Orange stick gently push back the cuticles. You can also make a classic cutoff manicure. All burrs neatly cut off with scissors. Oil manicure so softens the skin, that all these procedures will not give you discomfort.
  7. In conclusion hands are covered by a nourishing cream.

масляный маникюрBelieve me, after the first procedure of this manicure become your favorite. It’s so nice, and the result is simply stunning. There is only one drawback – the salon this procedure is not cheap. If you can not afford expensive treatment for hands, not upset. You may well spend the procedure independently at home.

Oil manicure at home

Tool for hot baths you can buy in a store of professional cosmetics. If not found such, feel free to replace it with olive or even sunflower. Enrich it with vitamins quite simple. Buy in the drugstore essential oils (grape seed, rose, almond, jojoba), and vitamin E capsules. Add a few drops of each ingredient in oil. You can also use nourishing hand cream for these purposes.

If you plan to regularly indulge oil manicure, get a special dish. After a while she to pay. But while not got a convenience feature, we recommend heat the oil in a water bath. During the procedure, the oil container, do not remove from hot water, to prevent its cooling down.

Oil manicure is a truly Royal procedure. Pamper yourself at least sometimes, and a good mood and self-confidence are guaranteed.

Ekaterina S. for customers Beauty-Hands.ru

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