очищение лица маслом

Here, the principle that like dissolves like that, and consisting of sebum grease caps in our pores are best removed is oil, that is, all the same fat. Besides, ceasing надраивать skin with soap and harsh abrasives, we significantly reduce the excretion of fat, which in turn will lead to reduction of the amount of the acne and that is also nice, narrowing of pores.

The basis of such oil mixes for cleansing the face is, as a rule, castor oil, which due to its viscous and viscous composition is most suitable for consistency to the content of our day. But just because of this consistency castor oil is not able to penetrate deep into the pores and therefore it should be diluted oil thinner, for example, grape seed oil, olive, almond, coconut… For oily skin is especially recommended hazelnut oil.

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очищение лица маслом The ratio of castor and разбавляющего his oils is around one to two, that is one part of castor oil and two parts разбавляющего its oil. This proportion is quite relative and their own ratio of oils must be chosen by trial and error, watching the reaction of your skin on a particular mixture. There is an opinion that castor oil can overdry the skin of person and, if it does not dissolve properly, even score a point, but again, this is only one of a multitude of individual reactions to such a way of cleansing the face.

Besides the two main oils to the cleansing mixture of essential oils. For acne-prone skin is recommended tea tree oil, to improve the complexion are advised rosemary oil for skin rejuvenation – rose oil, oily skin – oil of bergamot… it’s use narrowing the pores of oil, one of the stages of such a cleansing the face – steaming of the skin and, accordingly, enlarged pores.

To assert that the oil cleansing facial completely replace the good old soap would be very ill-advised, because the task of soap and similar gels and foams for washing consists, among other things, the disinfection of skin of face, the removal of all harmful, that we put on our skin for a day. Special it touches the skin with already existing centers of infection or skin prone to acne.

But here, as usual, there is an opposing opinion that the hot oil and hot compress enough to fully cleanse the skin, including against various bacteria and the like. If the oil mixture add the necessary essential oils, soap certainly not necessary. That will be true in your particular case, again, is only experimentally.

However, if you are not a fan of the only true and, of course, correct, there is a sense alternate oil and soap cleansing of the skin, depending on the mood, the needs of your skin at the moment, and the availability of free time.

To cleanse the skin oil, first remove the makeup special milk or hydrophilic oil. Then apply to dry skin your individually selected for the oil mixture, which is in front of this you can gently heat the water bath or in the microwave. However, the heat of the hands, too, may be enough.

Massage oiled skin 2-3 minutes, paying special attention to the places of accumulation of acne. Then soak in hot water with a piece of natural fabrics suitable size and apply it on your face for about one minute, or until it cools. Remove the remains of oils all the same cloth.

очищение лица маслом If the skin you still think too oily, rinse oil gentle means for washing and apply skin cream. If oil purification you enough, cream and you can not apply, because the skin has already received the desired her care. Although the skin around the eyes or very dry skin of the face may still need additional nutrition and hydration.

This rather complicated, time-consuming and multistage face cleansing can be done several times a week, or completely replace the conventional washing or limited to one time per day. Just before bedtime oil cleansing facial conduct is not necessary, as the oils need to give time to sink in, to not Wake up in the morning with edema.

Possible contraindications, particularly allergic reactions.

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