"Не от мира сего": Кейт Мосс в рекламной кампании бьюти-бренда

The first official shot of the new advertising campaign

To submit a new advertising campaign Rimmel without the participation of the Kate Moss it is simply impossible: supermodel cooperates with well-known London beauty brand for twelve years and it seems that this Union will last for many years.

Less than a week ago at our disposal got backstage images of moss, which presents the Christmas collection cosmetic brand, called Out Of This World – “Not of this world”. Now in a network there was a first official shot from a new advertising campaign.

The pictures moss looks amazing, no wonder she is a role model for millions of girls around the world, and the leading fashion houses and brands they want to get the star for their projects.

Кейт Мосс
Kate moss: backstage photos

Кейт Мосс

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