Not need to be an expert in the field of nail Polish to know about the main features of nail Polish. As neither improve their formula, but eventually receive equal layer and desired color impossible. However, the situation can be!

Regardless of how much it cost lacquer, how well he is still, after being opened up, begins to lose moisture. Moreover, this process is irreversible, since it involves not only at the moment when the lid is open, and the liquid is used, but when closed vial. Of course, from the brand and the quality varnish depends on several long periods of stability. So, most of the budget instances lose their texture after a month and that’s expensive branded hardware can store it for up to six months. However, sometimes it happens that she expects to emphasize the image of a certain color, but when you open the coveted bubble, it turns out that Lak thickens and does not fall evenly. Time to buy there is no other. Here the question arises, what dilute nail Polish.

To prevent such situations in advance. One of the ways of prolongation of life lacquer coatings is to choose those options, the bubbles of which there are small metal balls. As banal as it may sound, but regular shake the vial can break up clots that have formed within, when he stands without movements. Unfortunately, not many manufacturers of components supplied product such balls, because it is more profitable to their products bought more often.

Another way to combat the drying varnishes is… water! Of course, it’s not about to pour the water inside. Just a few minutes before use vial immersed in hot water that helps to improve the texture of varnish. However, this effect lasts for a brief period and before the following use tool to cover the nail again have to warm up. This method is suitable only in case, if a woman has enough time, because the execution of such a procedure will take at least 5 minutes, plus time for a manicure.

Also, do not dismiss such common ways to dilution of the lacquer, as acetone and nail Polish remover. Of course, they are there in the house every woman, this explains their popularity. However, their use leads to the fact that diluted the means to change their color. As a rule, it becomes less saturated and bright colors can be completely transparent. Yes, and you should consider that 20 years ago choice was not there, so our mothers and grandmothers used actively acetone. But rely on the fact that the liquid which is destroying the varnish, will positively affect it, as well as on the nail, and that is incorrect.

The right way to solve this problem is to purchase a diluent for nail Polish. Most of the companies involved in the release of funds for the care of nails, delivers and is a cosmetic. Use of the substance is extremely simple: you need just a few drops of solvent to restore the consistency of the varnish. To add the diluent into the vial and shake the vial will take less than a minute, but the result will be able to please, because the color varnish will not change. True, all save the tint is possible only provided the use of a diluent of the same trademark, that the varnish. In addition, thinner resume consistency varnish only once. So if within 1-2 months after dilution means will not be used, it will still have to throw away, as re-adding diluent will lead to the formation of small clots.

As you can see, there are no hopeless situations. Each problem has its own solution, and so what option to use is a personal choice. But it is better to regularly update varnishes, not giving them time to dry.


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