Even now, not everyone knows what a nail gel and how to deal with him, although he appeared rather long ago. How to use the gel lacquer not to do harm to your body?

The gel nail is used for manicure and pedicure, for a solid coating and gel designs. How to properly use this miracle-means, to fully enjoy the ease of use?

Regardless of the date of manufacture, gel nail Polish before each use should be mixed with a spatula. Causing the gel nail in one layer, you can get a translucent cover and soft pastel colours and causing two layers, you can get a full, rich, opaque color. For use directly on the nail plate materials more appropriate to take in this order – the first tool for degreasing nail plate and the removal of all kinds of moisture, then ground or basis for better contact material gel lacquer to the nail plate, and after all of this – gel-nail fastening of the glitz and the final cover. Quality materials do not require removal of the tackiness and supplementary filing. In General the natural nail and methods of its preparation to the effects of gel lacquer are not different from the pre-artificial nail extension. You have to apply a little primer-gel on the prepared surface of the natural nail. Nail plate should be matte shades. If a primer-gel will be too much, this is likely to entail peeling gel lacquer later. Primer too much if after drying nail is still shining, or even worse, looks wet. The excess of the drug should be removed using a foam sponge. But not to delete the dispersion layer after polymerization nail in the UV unit. When the gel nail need to apply on top of already existing acrylic nails, layer firming gel before the procedure, too, will not be superfluous. Using a thin brush to work with gel-lacquers, it is applied in a thin layer on top of the dispersion layer of gel-primer. Especially careful to spread the gel nail near the cuticle and turn off the edge of the nail. Gel caught on the cuticle or on the loose skin around the nail, will inevitably lead to rapid detachment from the nail plate with artificial covering. Remove excess gel from the surface or cuticle skin around the nail can be, using a special dealer cuticle. For better fulfilment of the work should adhere to the following algorithm of actions – to begin work better with the little finger of the right hand. While the little finger of the right hand in the UV-device is processed little finger on his left hand, and the hands of the UV-device switch places. Continuing alternate application and polymerization, you can apply the gel nail on all the fingers are much faster. As the work order prevents the flow of gel lacquer on the cuticle and околоногтевую zone. Such a procedure recommended by experienced craftsmen for those who are just beginning to think, how to use the gel lacquer most accurately. Then the nail is applied in a thin layer of special ультразакрепляющий gel. Thickness ультразакрепляющего gel on the edges of the nail and cuticle area should be minimal. Just do not forget about sealing nail ультразакрепляющим gel by putting it on the hips and butt-free portion of the nail. This will give you protection from mechanical impacts. For fixing ультразакрепляющего layer hand left in UV-device for one minute. Excess gel with the cuticle and the skin around the nail best removed with the help of a special пушера cuticle. To remove sticky dispersion layer, it is best to use foam sponge and special preparations for the purification of gel lacquer.

One foam sponge not use more than three nails, otherwise at drying nail can become dull. At correct observance of all proportions and recommendations cover all the nails should be smooth and shiny.


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