Нина Добрев и Йен Сомерхолдер могут вновь быть вместе?

It is probably the best news of the day for all fans of the series “the vampire Diaries”: Nina Dobrev and Ian Сомерхолдер together again!However, while just as friends, but – who knows? – maybe soon, their fellowship again will grow into something more?

Recall that in may of this year, young people parted after three years of relations. Recently in the press rumors that TV stars resumed dialogue and continue to work together on the film. So far they communicate exclusively as friends, but it was so began their romance last time.

As we already reported, on Saturday the team series “the vampire Diaries” has celebrated output hundredth series in Atlanta, where, in fact, the shooting of a fifth season. So we are waiting for the new episodes and more!

Нина Добрев и Йен Сомерхолдер
Nina Dobrev and Yen Сомерхолдер

Актеры Нина Добрев и Йен Сомерхолдер

Актеры сериала "Дневники Вампира" Нина ДОбрев и Йен Сомерхолдер

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