Найджела Лоусон против Чарльза Саатчи: "Мой муж хочет меня уничтожить"

Recently from tabloids are not lost the name of a British TV presenter and judges of the culinary show The Taste 53-year Найджелы Lawson whose life at the moment is full of hassles. And as sure star, these troubles come from her former husband’s 70-year old billionaire Charles Saatchi, the owner of advertising Empire and the collector.

Last week we reported that sister Francesca and Elizabeth Grillo, ex-assistant Найджелы and her former spouse, appeared in court on charges of embezzlement of 300 thousand pounds sterling. But the court over them quickly turned into a public showdown between Lawson and Saatchi.

During one of the meetings sisters Grillo said that in fact, this money Lawson paid them voluntarily, so she bought their silence. TV presenter didn’t want my husband found out about its adverse predilection for cocaine and marijuana.

According to Western media, during a hearing was visibly nervous state Lawson – especially when she testified about the incident that happened a few months ago – paparazzi photographed the moment when the Saatchi gallery tried to strangle Nigel restaurant:

He then said that if I did not return to him and will take his name from the story, he destroy me.

Moreover, she added that Saatchi threatened her, when she almost changed her mind appear in court:

He has a temper. I think nobody has doubts about it.

Nigel sure that the spread of rumors about her drug addiction is coming from an ex-spouse who is trying to destroy her career and life. Meanwhile, under oath, she admitted that really repeatedly used cocaine and Smoking marijuana (denying accusations that gave access to drugs to their children). The reason for her drug demand she calls unbearable life with Saatchi, who “did not participate in family life, and has been cruel and rude to her.

The trial proceeds, and therefore we still have not one episode of this drama.

Найджела Лоусон

Nigel Lawson is sent to the courtroom

Найджела Лоусон
Nigel Lawson

Найджела Лоусон
Nigel Lawson

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