Serum Buriti Shine Serum – new from the American brand MARCIA TEIXEIRA, leader of the keratin straightening and hair restoration.

Light serum of oil бурити – a high-quality product additional care for hair. This exotic oil with regular use improves the flexibility and elasticity, strengthens hair and Shine. Contains five omega acids, vitamins: B1, B3,B2, C, and E. Protects from ultraviolet rays, also provides thermal protection. Natural herbal ingredients that help restore the health of the hair.

With pleasant flower aroma, serum Бурити Buriti Shine Serum restores the hair, improves the flexibility and elasticity, moisture and stimulates the force, while providing softness and Shine to hair. Light delicate serum’t weigh down your hair.

Ideal for all hair types, serum Buriti Shine Serum can be used for both wet and dry hair. Protects from UV rays, provides thermal protection, recommended prior to any heat treatment of hair. It retains moisture, smooth, adds Shine and helps Your hair to be beautiful, healthy and shiny.


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