новые дизайны ногтей 2013 желтый лак фотоNew trends in style and decoration of the nail dictate new technologies of work. Every year come up with new ideas for manicure and that embody new nail designs 2013.

новые дизайны ногтей 2013 желтый маникюр елочка фото

новые дизайны ногтей 2013 разноцветный леопард фото

Lots of photos, which are full of magazines and Internet publications, say that the new nail designs 2013 is not that other, as the well-forgotten old glorified new ideas. New technologies of creation of manicure very simple, they can be safely implement at home. For example, as shown in the photo, you can create a popular this year a new trend on the space theme. All you need is a sponge and varnishes of various kinds: the dark blue nail the basics and a few shiny and other types of varnish, which will create the illusion of a starry sky. Should stock up and nail Polish remover to remove lacquer, which falls on the skin.

новые дизайны ногтей 2013 елочка фото

новые дизайны ногтей 2013 лакричная палочка фото

This year also popular and floral prints. They can be created not only in the salon, where the use ready and proven templates, but on its own, guided only by its own unique and new ideas. There are many ways of implementing such kind of manicure, for example, as in the photo. But they all imply that you need Lac basis, varnishes other colors and a special brush – this can be a toothpick or a needle – to create the flower. This manicure is not as complicated as it seems. He just requires a little time and patience.

новые дизайны ногтей 2013 розовый маникюр с шипами фото

Are also popular and simple but original designs. For example, you can put the nail plate with two colors of paint and a bit of a stir to get an unintelligible form a cloud.

новые дизайны ногтей 2013 розовый маникюр с пирсингом фото

Or on already ready background sprinkle a few lacquer blobs of different color that looks quite funny. On top of that background, you can apply the varnish-sequins on a transparent basis.

новые дизайны ногтей 2013 необычный френч фото

If you want something daylight and fresh, can cause bright and rich colors and decorate one nail so that it is clearly distinguished from the overall picture. Also, never forget to fasten your manicure and not be afraid to experiment, this is actually one of the slogans of the year: «be brave and Express themselves – to act!». Follow him and you all should necessarily happen.

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