неоновый маникюрThis summer, the hottest and brightest trends is neon shoes, clothes and various accessories. It is such a brilliant style can attract people’s attention to you and to your image. If you have already tried themselves in this style, bought a neon shoes or clothes, it’s time to try neon manicure. And exactly how it is done today will speak site Beauty-Hands.ru.

Now fashionable is all natural, it sways and nails. Highly popular are colors such as saturated cherry, currant, raspberry, pink, green, blue, red, all the colors that may attract your attention. Buy the special varnishes and you will be great neon nails, which will be in the trend this season and that will attract attention to you.

Popular manufacturers of neon varnishes:

  1. The firm NEON , she develops lipsticks, which differ saturated and bright colors. That is why it is so popular, especially among young girls. Also pleasantly surprised by the price policy, so you can easily buy a means of this company.
  2. The firm ORLY , it is also developing a professional cosmetic means for nails. Among them are neon varnishes. But these products are a little more expensive, but believe me, the price is fully consistent quality.

неоновый маникюр

Neon manicure pencil

– You can at home to make such a manicure with a special neon nail pencil, for example, of such marks, as Revlon. You can choose the color that you prefer, for example, yellow, orange, red, pink, green, violet. You can choose your personal taste or under your clothing style.

– Such an unusual neon effect can be achieved by using ultra bright pigments, and also because of the special method of application. Pencil consists of two departments, it resembles in structure of ordinary nail Polish, but it can make a beautiful and trendy neon manicure.

– To begin to apply a base, it’s white, a database of all the pencils for the nails. This is very important for your neon nail Polish, this is the first layer.

– Next, you need to apply a second layer, you can choose according to your taste, it can be a brilliant pink, red or neon-yellow. Choose the color that you like most and gently apply on top of the first layer, you must do so after full drying of the base.

– Now you should apply the finish, it is generally enamel. For a bright and stable effect it takes approximately two layers base and one layer of the colored varnish. Also you can before cause finish some experiments, for example, apply a pattern or some figure.

You can also buy other brands such pencils for nails, Nail Art Pens, you могжете it easy to use, also they are very practical in transportation. Buy a pencil can be in the online store, as a result you will receive a beautiful, beautiful, and most importantly very fashionable neon manicure.

неоновый маникюр


неоновый маникюр

Neon nail design with varnish

– This nail Polish is ideal for nail medium length, it will look very feminine and gently, but even if you have long nails, you can also use this method. First we need to deliver a basis lacquer, this can be hoc basis or you can use ordinary white lacquer.

– Now you should get a piece of white paper, and put on it a few drops of rose varnish, use a sponge, blot lacquer, with its help make a gentle imprint on the basis of the nail plate, do it on a cuticle. The same by the way is necessary to cover all the tips of nails.

Now put on the clean side of the sheet of paper yellow lacquer. Color in the whole area of over pink varnish, do it like you were painted nails pink varnish, that is, by means of a sponge. You can use another sponge or another party.

– Apply blue lacquer, it is necessary to cover all white part of the nail, please do so immediately after the yellow part of the nail, the same продеоайте and green lacquer, so you get a very original neon nail design.

– To complete your manicure need using a felt-tip pen for nail art paint animal spots, then simply apply the finish and wait until dry nails all your fashion nails fully ready.

If you want to learn about fashion trends pedicure season summer 2013, then you should contact here>>>.

Today our site Beauty-Hands.ru talked about how at home make neon manicure. As it turned out it simply, choose for themselves one way that you like and fits you best. Believe me, with such neon nail you will be a real star of the sea, on vacation, and especially in the club and at any party you will be at the peak of popularity. For this you should follow only some of the rules and remember the specifics of neon nail Polish.

неоновый маникюр

неоновый маникюр

неоновый маникюр

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