маникюр с флагами на натуральных ногтях фотоThat beautifully manicured and painted nails are the real adornment of a woman known for a long time. The decoration and design of natural nails is an art, which is called by the name of nail art, which is also subject to the influence of fashion trends.

маникюр на натуральных ногтях хохлома фото

In addition, each year is characterized by its color scale, which is reflected in the popularity of shades of paints and varnishes for the nails. For example, in the fashion season 2013 relevant shades of pale blue, turquoise, and a soft pink, pistachio, mint, lemon, hue «coffee with milk».

розовый дизайн натуральных ногтей фото

All the ladies in the constantly monitor the actual textures, patterns and colors and prints, and decorate their nails, be the center of attention. Important this year to design a natural nails plain lacquer, or each nail paint one of the fashionable colors.

красный дизайн натуральных ногтей с клубничками фото

Fashionable design natural nails in the form of combination of contrasting colors. For example, you can cover the nails black lacquer, and the nails nameless finger – decorate white painted or a beautiful pattern as the photo below. This design is suitable for any length natural nails.

черно-голубой дизайн натуральных ногтей фото

French design natural nails – French, is always important. Classic French is pink or beige Foundation and white tip. This manicure done with varnish. All kinds of French are United by one thing – the Foundation has a natural appearance or painted a contrasting color, and the tip of the nail is issued decor or in a different color.

голубой френч на натуральных ногтях фото

французский маникюр зебра на натуральных ногтях фото

Very popular and lunar manicure, especially in black and white.

Original design looks natural nails-style fan French, in which the free edge of the issued decorative elements: rhinestones, foil, dried flowers, acrylic and other such manicure not have to form a smile was perfectly smooth.

леопардовый френч на натуральных ногтях фото

Relevant in 2013 nails, decorated in the style of French Millennium, when the free edge of the nail draw up the glitter, shiny varnish and other

желтый френч миллениум фото

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