Натали Портман о любовных сценах с Крисом Хемсвортом и "Оскаре"

In the last days Natalie Portman appears in our field of vision with enviable regularity: the reason – a series premiere shows film Tor: the Kingdom of darkness”, where she starred with Chris Хемсвортом and Tom Хиддлстоном.

In his new interview with The Telegraph actress talks about the filming of the project (including, working with Хемсвортом and Anthony Hopkins), her triumph at the ceremony “Oscar” and the upcoming move to France, the home of her husband Benjamin Мильпье.

About the love scenes with Chris Хемсвортом:

As soon as we met views, uncontrollable laughing and crew we say: “okay, enough already”.

About my character, astrophysics Jane foster:

Unfortunately, the girls still rarely devote himself to science, technology, engineering profession. Jane has a mission, she conducts research, examines the gravity anomalies… I watched a few documentaries about physics is such a “Physics for dummies”.

On the work with Anthony Hopkins:

I’m terribly shy, near him I always mistook his lines, and he’s helped me, it was very nice… When in looking at him, just his mouth, he is a true giant among the actors.

About “Oscar” for a role in “the Black Swan”:

Obviously, it is a great honor, but in the end, how can you decide that a work of art is better than the other? It’s not a race some.

About friends, not related to show business:

It’s wonderful to be open to different things. I am constantly learning something from their friends. One of them the composer, the other takes care of the charitable Foundation, the third – medical research. I understand that what I do, is just a drop in the ocean.

About the upcoming move to France:

I speak French, not very good, true, but enough to communicate. I hope my French will improve when I move. I’m very happy, it’s everybody’s dream is to live in Paris.

While also seeing Natalie on the big screen: the film “tor: the Kingdom of darkness” was released worldwide, and on November 7, it can be viewed in Russian cinemas.

Натали Портман и Крис Хемсворт
Natalie Portman and Chris Hemsworth

Натали Портман
Natalie Portman

Натали Портман

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