Наталья Водянова ждет четвертого ребенка?

If you believe the press, Natalia Vodianova become a mother for the fourth time. The model information has not commented on, and her figure is hard to suspect, but journalists refer to an interview given to the mother Natalia Larisa Gromov.

Speaking about the work of the daughter in the filming of the children’s show “the Voice”, it says:

Shooting began in seven in the morning and continued until the second half of the night. Of course, being in a position to cope with this load is not easy. Yes and toxicosis Natasha torments. During filming, I was with her daughter and helped her cope with bouts of nausea proven folk remedy – pickles.

We will be sincerely glad if the information is not, be another invention of journalists, but so far not in a hurry to congratulate Водянову and her groom by Antoine Arnauld, and we are waiting for comments from the Natalia.

Наталья Водянова
Natalia Vodianova

Наталья Водянова и Антуан Арно
Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault

Наталья Водянова с сыном Лукасом и Антуан Арно
Natalia Vodianova with her son Lucas and Antoine Arnault

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