Наталья Ионова рассказала HELLO! о семье и дочерях

Natalia Ionova appeared on an interview with the magazine HELLO! in the cosy a white sweater, jeans, no косметитки and her hair in the image of the mischievous teenager. The singer told about raising children, work, family life and his childhood.

About your day

Today at 8 a.m. me in the room ran Lida and asked a question. I said Yes, and she’s happy, she fled. In principle, in the morning I’m so supple, that I can even borrow money, I will still say “Yes”. (Laughs.) I rose up to 10 hours, and came to me Verochka. While I gathered, it distributing towels around the room, hanging out my things on the table, something told me. Then she went to a children’s club, and I’m on yoga. Workout, jumped back in the car, went to the soundcheck. After a rehearsal of dance. Currently I am working on a new concert program, so do a lot. We Maxim Fadeev completely got the idea of what we want to do, where to go – it will be a new presentation show. And I will demonstrate some of the things I never knew how. I think I will surprise you.

наталья ионова в журнале hello

About the education of daughters

I strict mother. Although allow almost everything. I love them very much, treat, give gifts, buy some beautiful things, and generally doing all that gave them pleasure. But and they require a full commitment. I explain: I to you with all my heart, and you treat me accordingly, not наглейте. Sometimes raise voice, changing intonation, and girls are noticed.

дочь натальи ионовой в журнале hello

дочери наташи ионовой

The relationship with Sasha-Junior

I Sasha-not younger mother and never pressure her. More I can speak as a friend and listener. Not scolding him, so he tells me in a little more than the parents. And this is invaluable. Sanja at some point was always hang in a computer. Online games – a terrible disease that its delayed. My husband and I are very worried. And then just decided to transfer his interest in a useful direction started inviting him a teacher of computer science who taught him some programs, modelling, computer design. Now he knows the Java programming language, even a game yourself. Although, of course, he had a difficult period, many difficulties and problems. I’m 27, and I remember myself at the age of 14. But I really like that Sanya speaks to us, tells about their emotional experiences. In matters of education I have to be a good policeman dad – poor.

наталья ионова с сыном сашей

About his childhood

I grew up in a dysfunctional family was quite poor, and the starting point of my happiness is a meeting with Maxim Fadeev. I was 14, I asked him to buy me cigarettes and ice cream. And he showed me another world, saved me. Thank God, daughters will never know that life, which I had. They have another: there is a possibility to have an education, Hobbies, they can choose what to do. I was very lucky, because in Moscow there was a million girls like me, and lucky ticket I pulled.  

наташа ионова с дочерьми для hello


The first time a reboot happened to me in 2007. Was Gluk’oza in boots and with a Dobermann, and then BAM, it’s already a mother with a child in her arms. To the public, it was a shock. Another new Gluk’oza appeared with the song “Take my hand”. A few days ago we made a video for my new song “Want to hurt me?”, text to it wrote a soloist of the group SEREBRO Olga Серябкина. The shooting took place in karaoke club, where we invited friends saying “тусим, today bar and Shisha at our expense”. And so release that at some point Max even said: “this piece we cut. And that censorship will not miss”. (Laughs.) So I’m all in the new project. Today at two in the morning I have a performance at the club.

наташа ионова

About happiness and the meaning of life

I am a happy person. The meaning of life is to feel that you have enough. So I try to just do some flash to go somewhere to relax, meet friends, working in the pleasure, to create new music. The only thing I fear is to lose everything.

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