Названа официальная причина смерти Пола Уокера

Today we are summing up results autopsy killed this weekend in a car accident actor Sex Walker.

Коронеры announced that actor died from numerous injuries and burns – almost immediately after the collision, the car Porsche GT obstacle actor and his friend Roger Родас died. The results of the forensic evidence that the star of “Forsazh” died in a matter of seconds after the ignition of the car. Thus, the report says that Родас was driving the car, was killed only from injury.

The results of Toxicological studies will be known after 6-8 weeks.

In the light of all that has occurred, representatives of Universal studios released an official statement that the filming of “Forsazh 7” delayed indefinitely:

Currently, all employees of the Universal devote themselves to the maximum support and assistance for the family of the Floor. We feel that now is not the time for the filming of “Forsazh 7”: we need to think about what to do with the franchise further. We will keep fans of the tape in the loop. So far all we mourn for dear friend Floor Walker.

Shooting of “Forsazh 7” were to start on 2 December. On Monday colleague Walker franchise VIN Diesel visited the place of accident and said moving speech in memory of his friend:

If he could see all of you have come here to Express my love to my brother… in this difficult time his family sees that all of you are a fan of Sex. It will stay with him forever. I just want to thank you. Thank you that you came here, and what you show angel in heaven, as you value it.

Recall the accident that killed 40-year-old Paul Walker, occurred on November 30. That day Paul and his friend were returning from a charity in support of victims of a Typhoon in the Philippines, was organized by the Fund Walker Reach Out Worldwide.

Paul Walker remained 15-year-old daughter meadow.

Their condolences family and friends Sex expressed Walker James Franco, Olivia Wilde and many other friends and colleagues actor.

пол уокер
Paul Walker

уокер смерть
Place of death Walker Sex

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