Sometimes women are faced with the phenomenon of the rapid growth of the nail plate, which leads to the need often to do a manicure. Some ladies who have this process happening too slowly, on the contrary, trying to find the reasons and are confident that the nails grow from the water.

In fact, the answer to the question, can you grow the nails from the water or not, the negative, and to prove it, you need to consider the factors that affect the process.

The first is to consider the genetic characteristics of a person, by the way, men of a certain kind, it is much faster than the ladies. In addition, of great importance in the growing of the nail plate the food, as it allows you to provide the plates all the necessary growth elements. It is noticed that the elderly nails grow at a slower rate, and the youth, and the elderly faster just extended the plate of the middle finger. Scientists have long identified the normal speed Horny plates that adorn the nail, and it is from three to six millimetres for each month.

If a person believes that from the water to grow nails faster, he is mistaken, as frequent special water treatments have a negative impact on the condition of the plate. Grow from water nails – this question is able to answer nearly any experienced manicurist who is familiar with the particularities of structure and power plate. Of course, any organ of the human body needs nourishment minerals, however they arrive mainly with the blood, so additional water procedures necessary in this case.

People who claim that nails grow faster from water, is mistaken, as, conversely, too frequent and prolonged contact with the liquid affects the structure of the plate– it becomes soft, loose, begins to flake. Often people who claim that water nails grow faster, I suggest to consume as much mineral drinks, which elements together with the blood flow to the root of the disc. It’s not bad advice, but it is worth considering that the uncontrolled use of mineral water is fraught with negative consequences, affects the kidneys, causes the development of serious diseases.

Women seeking a recipe for how to make your nails stronger, you should consult with a nutritionist or a manicure and not to take for granted all people’s councils. The answer to the question whether increasing the nails from water, is negative, but in some cases the fluid is needed to improve the state of the records. However, in this case, use sea water for special baths and strengthens the plate is not liquid, but it contained mineral components.

If nails grow too quickly, which affects the manicure to stop the process water also will not help, overly frequent water treatments can lead to softening of the plate. The result of the growing nail will have a rather weak structure starts to delaminate, the surface of the plate will be subjected to peeling. If necessary to restrain the growth of nails, it is better to adjust your diet by reducing the amount of seafood, as well as sour cream and cottage cheese that contain a lot of calcium and zinc. These are the basic elements that determine the growth rate and condition of the horn plates, so by reducing their concentration processes slow down.

On the question of whether increasing water nails, it’s safe to say Yes, but the speed of the process liquid itself of the influence of virtually no has not. Therefore, when insufficient or excessive speed of growth plates attention should be paid to the deficiency or excessive amounts of minerals required for excellent condition of the nail.

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