Women always seek for beauty, surrounding themselves with beautiful things and their appearance embodying beauty. One of the procedures for beauty women – nail. Today there are different kinds of nail.

At the present time the procedure of nail extension has gained tremendous popularity among a large number of women and girls. The procedure of nail extension, the pros and cons of which are well known, has its peculiarities. The most popular types of nail – capacity gel and acryl. It should be noted that acrylic capacity was the first type, who started the popularity of the nail.

Acrylic substance, which is generated from the two substances – liquid and special powder. This mixture very quickly solidifies on the air. The resulting material is easily processed, due to this you can nail shape. Today there are various types of nail acrylic. Acrylic capacity can be done either on natural nails, and artificial special plates. This procedure is also done at different forms: special paper and metal forms, which are put on a nail above. Also used special tips. Acrylic capacity has its pros and cons. One of the advantages of this type of building can highlight the following: the first advantage is the strength of such nails. Break them very difficult. But even if the nail is broken, it can easily adjust. Also one of the advantages is the removal of the nail.

Acrylic nails are distinguished by their natural views, they are often not distinguished from the real nail. Despite the advantages, acrylic capacity has its negative impact. One of the drawbacks is the fact that after removal of the nail their own nails lose their natural Shine. Drawback – it’s too pungent odor pH. From a medical point of view acrylic capacity has its negative consequences – because of the content in acrylic chemical substances, this procedure can cause adverse effects in the form of allergic reactions, headaches.

Gel nails – is also a very popular procedure of extension. Despite the fact that the result of increasing mainly a similar capacity gel has its own peculiarities. First, the gel has no property to pass air. But, under the gel nail CE is in good condition and growing, as usual. One of the indisputable advantages – lack of unpleasant pungent smell. Gel nails, has a beautiful glossy Shine. Such nails stuck only under the action of ultraviolet rays. So there is no need to hurry and worry due to the fact that the nail can dry out wrong. In a breakdown, such nails lightly hurt own nail plate. A distinctive and important feature of gel nail extension is the ability to create different design of nails. Due to the fact that the gel is transparent and sufficiently malleable, and there is a great variety of creating beautiful nails. For example, under the gel coating, you can create a picture that for a long time will not be erased and not be worse.

Today there is a great variety of gels for nail extension of all colors and shades so the gel nails look beautiful even without lacquer coating. Also remember that for sensitive and weak nails, the most appropriate capacity – gel. Unlike acrylic, this expansion is a less negative impact on private nail plate. Gel will strengthen the weak nails, fill the cracks. Cons build-up gel: this is a very long procedure of extension. On average, it takes about three hours.

After the nail is broken, it cannot be recovered. The only way to remove it completely and again increase. Such nails less stable compared with acrylic nails. Remove them yourself at home will not work. Also, such nails look as natural as, for example, acrylic. But, the real master can easily resolve this shortcoming. Ka and acrylic and gel build-up, usually done either on the forms, or tips. If the nails done, the long nails do not need a manicure. They are quite long term look perfect.

To gel nail happy for a long time, you must comply with basic recommendation: do not load nails strong loads. Working with hot water, you should wear gloves. It is necessary to protect such nails frost – gel is very sensitive to temperature fall. You should not rasp nails metal nail file.

There are different types of nail. They all have their advantages and disadvantages. What exactly capacity to choose, each girl decides on their own. The main thing – the right care and solicitous attitude to the nails.


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