Today the industry of nail service offers a lot of ideas that can make the image of a stylish and memorable. One of the most popular directions – nail piercing, such detail precisely will not remain unnoticed.

Nail piercing is a procedure in which a grown part of the nail plate is made a hole in which to insert the ring or any other decorative element. Most often this way adorn the ring finger or the little finger, this choice is explained by the fact that they are less involved in the daily work, and hence, the risk of injury is reduced to a minimum.

Run nail piercing can be as natural plate and accreted, but the second option is preferable, since the schism restore manicure will be much easier. Choosing suspension for проколотого nail, a need to make sure that she mated with rings, earrings and necklaces, word, was designed in a single style with all the other ornaments. Owners of natural nails do not forget that to hold such manipulation can only healthy strong plate. If her condition leaves much to be desired, and add to the image of the flavor you want, you can resort to the procedure of strengthening nail acrylic or gel.

What other issues to consider, that such a decorative element perfectly fits into the image? Looks best such a suspension on the nails of moderate length, protruding pin 2-3 mm nail square shapes and rounded square» the procedure is done easily and ring them looks more appropriate than just. On the bright Lak, prints, design with stones and sequins this jewelry will look foreign, best solid coverage of muted colors or a French manicure.

There are several types of jewelry for body piercing nails. The most common is a closed ring, on which if you want, you can consolidate the suspension. Is it worth to give preference to the beginner, it is easier to see what is reasonable in the opening and secure it. Rod and non-closed rings with накручивающимися balls are not less beautiful, but their use requires availability of sufficient experience and a certain skill.

This procedure produces almost all manicure, you can also nail piercing at home. This will require: a special drill or a thin needle, tweezers, a ring with a suspension that will продето into the hole, and of course free time.

So, you need to cover plate varnish appropriate to the decoration tone and wait until it dries. Otherwise the active manipulation of damage coverage, and manicure will be spoiled. You can then proceed directly to the procedure of creating a fashion item.

Puncture make a special drill or a heated needle from the inner side of the nail, stepping back from the edge 1-2 mm Under the outer side of the plate it is necessary to enclose a piece of elastic material, which will not allow her to deform ideal eraser or a piece of rubber. It is important to ensure that the drill or needle included in the plate at a right angle. These precautions will help prevent delamination or split nail.

Once the hole has been done, you need to install a tiny ring that will be fixed suspension. For these manipulations is better to use tweezers, as the small size and there is a danger with sharp pieces of corrupt nail varnish on it. After ring вдето, you can add the suspension, a suitable style. Be sure to hold the edges of the nose pliers, otherwise they will interfere with daily life and does not allow the owner of a stylish decoration fully enjoy them.

After that you need to carefully examine decoration for acute and protruding elements. They need to be removed with the help of pliers or sanded usual coarse-nail file nail. If you do not, fashionable jewelry will cling to clothes and hair, causing a lot of problems.

Update on the nails piercing should be regularly as new nail, as convex decoration makes regrown part of the plate fragile and easily broken. All manipulations need to carry out very carefully, this design is not widespread, and therefore, it will attract interested glances, and any shortfall will be noticed.

Nail piercing, as with any foreign body, would interfere with, especially in the first days of wearing. To this adjustment was quick and painless, kicking off decoration at night and during the active work of the hands. Not to forget about him while putting on stockings or blouses from thin delicate fabrics, otherwise arrows or tightening thoroughly spoil the impression of stylish item.

So, all the nuances studied, and improvised tools prepared, you are ready to manipulation. And most importantly, do not forget to buy a few catchy suspensions, which will change every day, creating new bold characters.


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