Beautiful, long nails always look stylish and seductive. That is why today it is practically impossible to imagine a modern girl without manicure, besides, today you can easily extend nails and at home.

In just a few hours you can get a beautiful nails should appeal for help to the master of manicure. Of course, such a procedure could be done in a beauty salon, but also many masters take the customer and at home. However, such a procedure may have both pros and cons.

Choosing the nail home, a main advantage – to subscribe to the wizard is possible anytime, even in the late evening. The wizard helps you get a nice long nails, the wizard will help you choose between gel and acrylic building. It is worth remembering that the first and the second option have certain deficiencies, which is worth knowing.

It is believed that the gel is not so allergenic material as acryl. Nail is covered with gel will feel comfortable. It should take into account the fact that the gel nail after the damage cannot be repaired. Therefore, if it breaks down, then it will have to be removed completely, and then re-build. This is the main advantage of the build-up to the house, because the master can take almost any time, and in the beauty salon, sometimes, get it can sometimes be problematic.

Many masters of manicure prefer to use to build acrylic only because he pretty easily and quickly freezes and requires no additional impact of UV lamps. To remember that it’s much easier removed acrylic nails.

No matter which particular type of capacity will be selected, it is worth to prepare yourself for the fact that this procedure will take at least two hours. Of course, the procedure of nail extension has a number of advantages, otherwise women with such great joy disagreed would increase. Acrylic and gel build-up has several common advantages – stylish, long and beautiful nails are practically indistinguishable from natural. Also securely tucked all the shortcomings of the nail. You can on the nail surface apply practically any drawing or pattern. Varnish on the artificial nails kept much longer and not have to frequently tinted nails. Such nails, even very long, you can quickly get used to and literally two days lost a sense of discomfort.

However, the extension has a number of drawbacks, which are worth to ask the masters. The main drawback is that going to need to spend a lot of time on building of nails. Of course, the correction of nails at home is very convenient, but this procedure will need to spend a lot of time. It is worth remembering that for nails always look perfect, correction is necessary not less than two times a month.

Another disadvantage of gel nails that their is impossible to withdraw, and we need only to completely cut down, which may be affected, and the natural nail. And to the cutting of the only master can. After covering gel or acrylic natural nail becomes very fine, and after removal of artificial nails, a natural need of the correct and careful maintenance.

Advantage home nail is that the master may in a relaxed atmosphere will explain in detail how will undergo the procedure, as well as talk about some contraindications to capacity.

Today there is an erroneous opinion that the increase of marigolds can practically every girl and completely at any time. Actually it not absolutely so. This procedure increasing strictly forbidden to do if there is any, even minor damage to the nail plate or surface claw damaged nail fungus. If during the trim manicure was injured cuticle, also cannot increase the nails, as in the case of contact wound acryl or gel, there is a risk that begin serious inflammatory process.

Also it is necessary to abandon the procedure build and when there is a vascular disease or heart, girl suffers from diabetes. Girls who demonstrate increased sweating hands, never can have a beautiful acrylic or gel nails, as they will constantly peeling off hands and acquire untidy appearance. Not recommended to strengthen artificial nails and during the period of taking hormones or antibiotics.

If the wizard does not detect any contraindications to the procedure of nail extension, then it is worth remembering that should take care about the health of the natural nails, otherwise, after the removal of artificial turf, will have to spend a lot of time to restore their natural nails.

Now, before recorded on the procedure nail, you must first strengthen the natural nail plate. With this purpose, need to make some special trays, as well as to use special tools. A few days before increasing need to trim manicure, otherwise extended nails will have such attractive appearance would like it to be. It is important to remember that the better trained hands to build up, the less time will be required for the procedure itself.

The main disadvantage of domestic capacity is that today it is hard to find a good master, who has the necessary knowledge, and of course skills.

If you decide to extend nails, then you should decide what is best building in the salon or at home. If a friend of the master of manicure, experienced and good reviews, then you can safely written to him.


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