пилочка для педикюра фотоSawing pedicure are intended to shape the nails, their polishing and grinding. They perform a variety of functions, so they have a different granularity. The size of a nail file standard length 17-18 cm, width – 1.5-2 see the Shape can be classic, straight or slightly curved.

The degree of hardness of sawing is measured in гритах. The smaller abrasive, the more grit and, therefore, softer file. The number indicates the number of abrasive particles on 1 square centimeter. That is the inscription «100/120» says that the abrasive sawing on the one hand 100 grit, and with another – 120. Tools for pedicure rigidity 100-180 grit are intended for the artificial nail plate, because they are very hard. For natural nails suitable file with an abrasive 180-240 grit. Pedicure tool rigidity 240-500 grit is designed for grinding, more than 1000 grit for polishing of the nail plate.

шлифовочные пилки для педикюра фото

For processing of natural nail experts recommend against iron nail files, giving preference in favour of wood or пилке on rubberized basis. Distinguish pedicure nail files for the following species:

  • Ceramic,
  • Diamond,
  • Ruby,
  • Sapphire.

All of the above types is only recommended for solid nail plate. For the tender nail better use saws made of emery paper.

широкие пилки для педикюра фото

Bilateral nail files with different stiffness more convenient to use. A party with a large abrasive easy to conduct the primary spill and specify the form of the nail plate. Party with less rigidity intended for grinding the edges.

сетклянные пилки для педикюра фото

Increasingly popular laser glass and crystal nail files. They can work in different directions. The scales of the nail plate glued together, there’s no risk stratification.

Laser cutting are designed to handle any nail. They are great to carry out their functions as sturdy hard and soft weakened nails. To do this, simply select the necessary abrasiveness.

Laser nail can be washed and disinfected. The surface of such a tool has a lifetime warranty, that is, it is not erased. The only disadvantage of such files – gentle operation (should not be dropped).

Laser sawing can be not only for nails but do European pedicure, i.e. the process огрубевший roller. With prolonged use for skin eliminates the need to trim a pedicure. Thus, the laser nail file can replace other tools for pedicure.

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