дизайн ногтей с фимоBright and cute figurines of decorating nails modern and bright girl, have become a common design option. Increasingly, professionals and ordinary women have resorted to the use of these striking plates to create a beautiful mi neat manicure. What is nail design with fimo, and which features of its implementation exist, will tell you on the website Beauty-Hands.ru.

What is fimo? The attractiveness of manicure with the use of this material

For the manufacture of fimo-figures uses a common polymer clay color, corresponding to a particular pattern. The shape and color fimo-decorations may vary, depending on the chosen design. Specific indications. For a variety of fimo-figures – the main goal pursued by the materials manufacturer of nail industry.

Nail design with fimo is characterized by the originality and eccentricity. Because the diversity of the material allows you to create manicure, suitable for any style of clothing and planned event. While it’s fairly easy to combine with the design of other type, because fimo-figures look great and with sequins and rhinestones, and any drawings. Even for classic French manicure fimo will be a great addition and a kind of decoration.

The sale of fimo can be found two types:

  • sticks
  • already sliced figures

To perform nail design with fimo purchased in the form of a rod (polymer sticks, sausage), and will need a sharp blade for cutting pieces on thin plates. It is slightly more difficult the process of work. So buying ready fimo-figures will be the right decision, especially if the work will be performed at home inexperienced master.

дизайн ногтей с фимо

дизайн ногтей с фимо

Nail design with fimo: master class

Creating designs with fimo differs simplicity and plainness. Most often encounter the use of this material can be on artificial nails. But on the natural nail plate allowed the use of fimo. You just have to know how to correctly work with this material. We on the website Beauty-Hands.ru will give you a master class.

Instruction on the creation of nail design with fimo on artificial nails:

  1. First you must run the standard preparation of the nail plate to capacity. For fimo-design material (acrylic or gel) plays no role. You can work with any of them.
  2. After the first layer of material (gel or acrylic), laid out the elements of fimo to create an alleged pattern.
  3. When using gel technology capacity, then the material drying in the lamp right amount of time. Often the drying time is 3 minutes, and this depends on a firm gel.
  4. Further, without removing the adhesive that is applied to the next layer of the gel, and nails again sent in curing light material. When working with acrylic sequence of actions is the same, except for material drying in the lamp, so as acrylic has a property to solidify, contacting with air.
  5. After it is necessary to produce drinking artificial nail to give it a smooth surface and beautiful form.
  6. The completion of the final layer is applied.

It should be clarified that Pets reupload fimo-figures and on the second layer of gel or acrylic, if required by the idea of a common design.

Nail design with fimo on natural nails:

  1. The first step is to carry out the procedure of hygienic manicure to give the nail plate, well-groomed appearance.
  2. Then the prepared nail is covered with a layer of transparent varnish.
  3. Not waiting for it to dry, put fimo-figures in the correct order, using tweezers or a toothpick, the tip of which would have to moisten in the varnish.
  4. When the varnish dries, the second coat of clear nail Polish consolidate the results.

However, it should be noted that the creation of fimo-design on natural nails, you must use the minimum thickness of a plate.

дизайн ногтей с фимо

дизайн ногтей с фимо

Charms nail design with fimo

This type of design has a number of positive qualities. These include the simple process of working with this material, the minimum expenses of time for creation of original design, a wide range of figures and their affordability.

Owing to these advantages of working with fimo-materials so widespread among the masters of nail industry. After all, refinement and originality of design in combination with minimal time spent on its implementation – the main factors of successful work of a professional.

And knowing all the features of the creation procedure of design of nails with fimo, every woman can become a master who can turn ordinary nails in a real masterpiece, a work of art.

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дизайн ногтей с фимо

дизайн ногтей с фимо

дизайн ногтей с фимо

Yulia Gavrilova for customers Beauty-Hands.ru

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