дизайн ногтей с сухоцветами фотоThe nail design with dried flowers need a special material – basically, dried flowers, which can be purchased from a store. Large flowers are only suitable for aquarium design, but the little flowers and twigs can be used at home.

Of course, this nail art cannot be called a durable, because the natural material is very fragile. Be prepared for the fact that unusual composition will enjoy only a few days. That is why this method is relevant if coincide with the important event, the solemn event. And if you wish to preserve this beauty for a long time, try aquarium design. Under the layer of gel or acrylic dried plants permanently stored.

Do not think that when you use the dried flowers can be obtained only monotonous songs. Nail design with dried flowers can be supplemented by other elements, and nails will look quite different. Sometimes to achieve a stunning effect, you can only change the shade of a varnish base.

To do nail art with dried flowers home, you need to purchase:

  • Basic coverage;
  • Tweezers;
  • Lac basis;
  • Toothpick;
  • Transparent lacquer with small sequins;
  • Dried flowers.

Put in front of all that will be necessary. Apply a basis, and after its drying – two layers of varnish ivory, wait for it to dry. Apply nail varnish glitter thin layer. Until he was dry, with tweezers put the nail plate flower, smooth it with a toothpick and press down on the nail. The picture shows a simple sequence of operations:

Put on top of transparent lacquer with small sparkles. Golden shade will give a special charm to the songs. Let air-dry.

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