дизайн ногтей бархатный песок палитра фотоTrend 2013 is velvet manicure. It looks very unusual and safely, and are addressed at only desperate fashion. Despite the apparent complexity, nail design Velvet sand done quite simply.

розовый дизайн ногтей бархатный песок фото

бежевый дизайн ногтей бархатный песок фото

  • To start, you will find a velvet powder for nails. In small cities it is usually not sold, but for the Internet, you can purchase the product of any color and at a low price.
  • To start накрасьте nails the usual white lacquer. Next, you need all the colors of the rainbow. They should be applied to half of the nail plate, so that together nails formed a rainbow (remember the correct order and look at the photo).
  • The «smile line» stick on nails thin strips.
  • Cover the nails layer of black lacquer.
  • Do not wait until it dries, gently peel off the strip.
  • Now let air thoroughly dry, then glue strips again. Again накрасьте nails black in two layers.
  • Now start doing directly nail design Velvet sand. Again peel off the strip and start to RUB black powder on the nail. It should be plenty. Push it with your finger, especially at the edges.
  • With a toothpick or any other sharp object clean «bright path» on the nails. Consolidate that nail art no varnish is not necessary.

разноцветный дизайн ногтей бархатный песок фото

синий дизайн ногтей бархатный песок фото

зеленый дизайн ногтей бархатный песок фото

Agree, nail design Velvet sand is very unusual! He holds for several days. You needn’t be afraid to wash their hands.

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