дизайн ногтейLike other types of design, nail art is a huge field for art, through which you can achieve your potential. If you have difficulties with ideas and their incarnations, you can enroll design or get them online.

For those who constantly makes French manicure and secretly suffering from depression, is an attractive offer: XXI century, and nobody is obliged to limit yourself white and pink varnish. Decorate nails nail-art, as it will – drawing by hand or airbrush – not important, it is important to enjoy. Nail art is a fascinating and easy way to play with fashion and to change her image.

Nail design becomes more complex direction that more and more confident called art. Courses nail design are very popular among the masters of design competitions, and they earn a living thing that love, and that brings a lot of joy to their customers.

Nails, you can paint in accordance with the mood, the colour of clothing, as well as on any occasion – for example, you can draw on these trees in honor of the new year, or fireworks in honour of any holiday.

Make the design of nails and you can own, but it is better to consult a specialist.


Find a master

It would seem simple: come to the salon, say what you gotta do give your hands at the disposal of the wizard, and after a while you get the result. This is the perfect scenario, but before you go to the wizard, you need to decide to whom to go. Look for suitable master best through «word of mouth» advertising will never give such precise and comprehensive information, as your friends and acquaintances.

When you finally meet the wizard, trust your impression. If you feel that the master is not enough chistoploten, or you almost don’t listen, he was rude or too short, if you are not happy with anything, boldly turn around and go in search of another specialist. Ideally you with your master must be on the same wavelength; this means that he or she understands what you want, can offer their own ideas within your chosen concept, and certainly not trying to forcefully dissuade you from the plan (unless, of course, you don’t ask for something wholly impracticable).

See the wizard – a good expert is sure to have something to show you. If you are satisfied can trust him with her fingernails. Finally, if you will enjoy the result means that you have really found your master.


Types of nail design

Probably most often masters painted nails from the hands. For this purpose, special tools, including thin brush for varnishes, and themselves lucky different colors. This is the real painting nails – requires a steady hand and a good imagination of the artist.

Nail design can also be done with the help of spray; in this case, the figure create using a stencil. The advantages of this method is that it can do exactly the same patterns on all the nails, and if in the process a little tremble hand, don’t have to start all over again. Most often design with the help of spray done on acrylic nails, but it fits and natural nails.



This is a simple image (most often flowers), created at the normal lacquer and often accented convex or shiny paint. It is easier to do this nail art in the cabin, but you can handle it yourself. Toothpick, cut in half, and the blunt end dipped in nail Polish, and creates a circle of five points. You can add rhinestone or point shiny varnish in the center – that’s nails adorns the flower.


Texture equipment

This is another way to make the original nail design at home not to mention salon services. For the texture of nail art need plain lacquer and tools that are easy to find. For example, you can make a beautiful design with colored curls. For the nails are covered with a dense layer of varnish any color (better bright or saturated). Then using an ordinary toothpick applied a few drops of white or any light colors on top of the first layer and colors are mixed закручивающими movements.



Purchasing an expensive device, you can make an aerography and at home, or go to a beauty. By airbrushing, you can draw any pictures on the nails.



Crystals are perfectly flowers. Alternatively, you can gently put rhinestones in a row along the edge of the nail.


Stickers on nails

Stickers on nails – the easiest way to create a design of nails. They can be glued on ненакрашенные nails, but best of all, they are fixed to the ground. The stickers can be much more complex and slim figure, than painting nails; they help to create an interesting design of nails, not turning to the master. The only disadvantage: labels – it’s still just a sticker, and to really nail-art they do not belong. This little ready stickers are to be enclosed to the covered or not covered with a varnish nails and fix, applying a top coat.


Molding on the nails

Modeling of nails (or three-dimensional nails invention which came to us from the high-tech Japan. Specialists can shape the nails whole flower beds, holiday pies, cottages at all, whatever size of the nail allowed. Three-dimensional nails are practical, and we can argue about whether they are a sign of refined taste or complete lack of taste, but they find their fans.



Believe it or not, but there are people connectors nails. For the sake of experiment, you can get a piercing on a single nail or more, insert a ring or other decoration. For nails should be careful to treat hair.

How to choose among the many ideas for nail art, colors, crystals, jewelry? You can make a choice based on the following factors.


Time of year

Like clothing, in nail art there fashion trends change every season. Spring will look good fresh images, such as flowers of bright colors. In autumn and winter you can use seasonal motifs, such as snowflakes.



Nail design can be chosen for the holidays. For example, red hearts for Valentine’s day or tiny тыквинки to Halloween. Here the main thing is a fantasy.


Personal preferences

Despite all the «rules», remember that the main thing is to be yourself and enjoy from its appearance and the impression you make on others.



  • Every day apply over nail art layer protective coating.
  • Take care of nails, that they did not break.


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