дизайн летние новинки 2013 фотоновинки лета 2013 фотоAs you know the perfect appearance requires consideration of many factors, of which is your beauty. First of all it relates to the slim and proportional figure, delicate features, beautiful skin, elegant clothing. Not the last role to play and nails, therefore women presented to them by many requirements, especially in summer, when the hands are always open and attract the attention of others.

дизайн ногтей лето 2013

дизайн 2013 фотолетние новинки в дизайне фотоIn this article we will briefly tell you about the main novelties in the summer nail design in 2013. After reading this article, you can easily create not only beautiful, but also a trendy look that will not go unnoticed by others.

новинки для ногтей 2013летний дизайн 2013 фотоSo, fashion trends in nail design, summer novelties 2013:

  • Caviar манкюр. Effect of black caviar», which is achieved by the little beads glued on top of varnish. You can combine one or several colors, to create «caviar» on one or all of the fingers, the coverage area may also represent entire nail plate or only a small part of it.
  • Nail design «Liquid stone» – another summer novelty, which helps you create your fingertips real «jewelry masterpieces. This design mimics the real gems on your nails.

дизайн на ногти лето фото

летние новинки 2013 фото

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