дизайн ногтей губкой фотоThere are many ways to make a nice unusual manicure, and one of them is nail design sponge. With this useful tool, you can create a truly spectacular figures, including color gradient (gradual transition from one shade to another).

желтый маникюр губкой фото

оранжевый желтый маникюр губкой фото

розовый голубой дизайн ногтей губкой фото

A little practice, you can easily create a stylish designs without the use of special materials.

фиолетовый дизайн ногтей губкой фото

голубой бежевый дизайн ногтей губкой фото

For nail design sponge you will need:

It is very important that the colors were rich, contrasting or were shades of one color. You can combine acrylic paints and bright decorative lucky, for example, each other perfectly in tune with the following colors: black and white, red and gold, silver and purple etc. Recommend using no more than three colors, otherwise, instead of a beautiful manicure can be blotch.

красный золотой дизайн ногтей губкой фото

дизайн ногтей губкой с блестками фото

Varnish is better to put the nails of medium length, short, unfortunately, are not suitable, because for a beautiful design is simply not enough surface. Before you start work, we recommend to make the standard hygienic manicure.

So, gradient nail design sponge is as follows:

  • You must prepare two or three varnish, sponge (preferably average porosity, water, the palette of paints, a fixer and mother-of-pearl lacquer.

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