дизайн ногтей омбре фотоBeautiful picture on the nails complements the attractiveness of well-groomed hands. A simple option for decorating is nail design «Ombre». The name of this technology nail art comes from the word «ombre», «shadow». Manicure willing to resort to such technology painting nails – she is exquisite and allows to file a color scheme for a manicure.

дизайн ногтей губкой омбре фото

Help yourself make such manicure ordinary sponge. The main thing – to work exclusively with fresh layer of varnish, gently stretching along the surface of the NOC coat.

The result is a lovely decoration of the nail plate, which color lacquer are gradually changing the saturation. Transitions from one tone to another should be tender, gentle, with blurred borders.

дизайн ногтей омбре губкой фото

As an option, there are several colors of a single tone. In this case, each nail on the hand painted with the new color, transition tones may be as пятиуровневым and десятиуровневым.

омбре дизайн ногтей губкой фото

In the first case, change the color varnish is made in mirror for each hand. The second option means a more interesting solution: each of the ten fingers painted with the new color.

маникюр омбре губкой фото

The classic «Ombre» corresponds to the color transition from black to white.

For nail design «Ombre» will need a little patience – the result is worth it!

леопардовый маникюр омбре фото

Nail design «Hombre» and perform other technologies. If in the first version of the painting nail is in the order of transition from one color to a brighter tone, the method dipdye (dip dye assumes staining the surface of the claw in contrasting colors.

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