дизайн ногтей мозаика фотоDifferent techniques of drawing of the layer of lacquer, as well as the use of varnish with unusual effect craquelure allow you to get an amazing version of the painting nails. Nail design «Mosaic» is unusual and attractive as it has incredible diversity of variations decorate nails.

мозаика дизайн ногтей фото

Consider two of the most accessible ways. The first option is to nail design «Mosaic» varnish craquelure. The varnish layer to obtain the effect of cracks applied in two stages:

At the first stage nails cover with a layer of colorful – any приглянувшегося shade. Also suitable and Matt varnish.

The second phase of the beautiful mosaic on ноготках is applying the varnish with a craquelure effect. When dry, a thin layer of кракелирующего varnish crack, and formed gleams Peeps base layer of varnish.

мозаика дизайн ногти фото

In the end – to cover the entire nail fixer. Lacquer-fixer will give a glossy Shine and slick surface of the layer of lacquer with cracks.

The second method of nail design «Mosaic» – drawing on the pre-matted surface elements in the style of the stained glass. Net «stained glass» is a black and gold paint, then every tiny little window is painted using a fine brush.

мозаика витраж дизайн ногтей фото

This method of nail design requires calm and accuracy as laborious application colored specks does not have to hurry. If pressed, and the first version of the decoration is preferable.

мозаика паззл дизайн ногтей фото

Of course, shrewd stained glass on ноготках looks more convincing than the mosaic in the technique of craquelure.

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