дизайн ногтей в домашних условияхExquisite nail design has long ceased to be a decoration for a special occasion: millions of women use the decor nail daily to emphasize their individuality. Of course, regular trips to the masters of nail art can fly into a lot of money, so many master nail design at home, to do yourself beautiful nails.


With what to begin?

Create miniature works of art on the nails under force to any woman who believes that it has sufficient patience and artistic flair. Before you begin, you should stock up on necessary materials. Regardless of which technology will create a design you should have on hand nail enamels of various colors, the base coat, clear lacquer-fixer and nail Polish remover.

For traditional painting nails to buy special acrylic paints and thin brushes of different thickness. For works in the technique of needle useful needles and toothpicks. Also it is recommended to dress sticky tape to create stencils, with special glue, glitter, foil, lace, «бульонкой», sequins, and other decorative elements, which will eventually allow to create interesting decor on the nail plates.

Some of the techniques of nail art complex in execution, while others are available even for beginners. Of course, don’t immediately try to create the nails copies of the famous masterpieces of painting, but simple ornaments and pictures under force to portray even those who first decided to nail design. The perfect solution for beginners, there are various applications on the nails.


First steps

Perhaps the simplest way to decorate your nails use pre stickers or decals. If the application on the nails drawings – consuming and often very difficult, using stickers, you can decorate your nails less than half an hour. Such a design might not be very original, but it looks quite impressive and attractive.

There is nothing easier manicure with stickers. First on the nail plate should apply a base coat, then varnish favorite color. On непросохший Lek should attach the sticker and strongly to press it. When the varnish dries, design is fixed with the help of a transparent varnish.

It is best to choose stickers small so that their edges are not топорщились and will not extend beyond the edge of the nail. Otherwise sticker can quickly away. Especially effectively looked contrasting stickers, but you can experiment and with the motives that will differ from the color of the varnish-foundations for a couple of tones – this will create a particularly elegant design.

Decal kit is a thin film with printed on it the image. Before using decals down for a while in the warm water, after which the paper base is deleted, and the film with the picture is transferred to the nails. With the help of a cotton swab figure should smooth out the nail bed. When the picture will dry up, the image is covered with a layer of lacquer-fixer. Decals look very elegant. They do not protrude above the surface of the nail, so such a design can persist for a long time.


Dies and stencils

Very easy to put the pictures on the nails using cliches and stamps. Similar techniques of nail design allow you to get exactly the same image on all the nails.

Set for stamping is a special rubber pad, scraper and metal plates with выдавленными images. To use such a set of very simple. First, the nails should apply a base coat and paint your color. When the varnish is completely dry, comes the time of printing. For this purpose on a favourite motif on the metal plate is applied lacquer bright shade. Surpluses of a varnish removed a special scraper, after which an image is transferred to a rubber pad, and then with the pads on the nail. This procedure is repeated for each nail.

Stencils also allow to be applied to nails exactly the same image. Stencils can buy in a store, and you can make your own, using adhesive tape. With the help of a hobby knife or conventional nail scissors on an adhesive tape cut out the patterns. A stencil is ready. Now dried up lacquer paste stencil and move the picture on the nail. Stencils are good because they can be used several times, getting the neat images with crisp edges.


Gradient manicure

Color, smoothly flowing one into another look very attractive, not only in clothes, but in a nail-design. Gradient manicure attracts attention and is ideally suited to the fabric clothes similar design. Smooth color transitions look very feminine and elegant.

To create such a fashion manicure need lacquer two shades, base coat, lacquer-fixer, a slice of normal sponge or sponge. Also you should have a fat cream or petroleum jelly to protect the skin around the nails and nail Polish remover for quick removal of blemishes.

To this design turned out beautiful, you should carefully choose shades of nail polishes. Contrasting colors are not the best choice, but in pastel colours gradient manicure looks very impressive. Do not use more than three shades, in most cases it is enough just two tones to nails to look great.

Hands should be greased with fat cream and nails treatment clean with the help of Polish remover. First nail plates are covered basic coating. When it is completely dry, you can start to apply colored varnish:

  • The cosmetic sponge or a small piece of sponge, approximately corresponds to the size of the nail, you should apply a generous amount varnishes selected in any order. Usually closer to the base of the nail varnish is applied lighter shade, and closer to the tip – darker;
  • Thus obtained stamp should be hard to squeeze the nail surface;
  • If necessary, the sponge is applied even lacquer, and the procedure is repeated for each nail;
  • The skin around the nail varnish is easily removed with a cotton swab dipped in Polish remover;
  • The final touch is to apply for a ready gradient design finish.

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