Ladies all over the world have turned their eyes towards the mysterious Egypt. Still, ethnic motifs of this country, in all the colors of playing well polished ноготках women, become a real trend.

In the classic version of nail design-in Egyptian style involves the use of saturated terracotta, gold, brown hues combined with black. This is the very case, when the rule: «the higher the level of saturation taken for the work of the color, the better». It is noteworthy that in ancient times this luxury could only afford the person of a noble family. Than below there was rung of the hierarchical ladder, on which stood a resident of the country of the pyramids, the paler she looked manicure. Today paint your nails in style of «a La Cleopatra can afford every woman. However, it should be borne in mind that painted this should not detract from the other components of the image.

The best way out would be the choice in favor of Oriental motifs. You can get dressed, comb my hair and apply makeup according to the traditions of the countries of the East and go straight into a form on a theme party. Or even on a simple walk around the city, provided that it will be on the East. On European streets woman in this dress though attract attention, but will look a bit ridiculous. To prevent it, better to stay in your home style, making it a little from the direction of the Oriental. Nail design from the «Egyptian fashionistas» quite amenable to modification as a result of which it becomes duller and much more appropriate to look on the territory of the Russian scene. Masters of nail art offer to use it as a wedding, taking the specific case pastel shades. It turns out very nice and unusual. And looks perfectly on any assembled under the crown of the woman, regardless of age and type of appearance.

One of the pleasant moments when you want to do yourself Egyptian manicure is that it looks good at any length nails provided the right mix of colors. A considerable length gives much more room for fantasy. Bold solutions can be implemented in practice, in this case: a bet on the contrast of black and gold, or deep blue background with depicted on it at the base of the nail pyramid or the other, pointing to Egypt symbols.

But short nails experienced master will turn into a work of art. Will to the point in this case, the national Egyptian ornaments and symbols. Young girls the author advises to choose for manicure cheerful shades of orange, yellow, blue. Still, a «tender» age requires a special approach. But the women in the Prime of life suited deep red, gold, emerald. It perfectly complements their having to open up the full feminine nature. When the fear of making a mistake, you should pay attention on the pastel tones, which, as a rule, look elegant and solemn reception and the walls of the business office.

If desired look respectable, we recommend that you contact a professional master of nail art that each separate lines in the Egyptian style was done manually. This differs work is of high class. And is it worth it accordingly. A more economical option when painting on nails – nothing like the finished sticker stamped on the prepared surface. It is appropriate to look only at the hands of young girls. The image of the representatives of the older generation, it will gain through it a touch of cheapness.

Any woman, almost any situation can afford to get a manicure in the Egyptian style and look luxurious. Help her correctly chosen color palette and pattern. And, of course, an experienced master.


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