японский дизайн ногтей иероглифы фотоAccording to the Feng Shui, each of our fingertips is responsible for a certain sphere of life. For example, the big finger of the right hand, is responsible for the events associated with the mental work, successful transactions, discoveries, failures and errors, as well as our victories.

френч с иероглифами фото

An integral part of Feng Shui is to nail design hieroglyphs. To hieroglyphs benefit, the doctrine obliges to perform all the norms of Chinese calligraphy. Letters necessarily need to write in one direction – from the bottom up or top down. To direct them in any case impossible, because if you go back to the starting point, the image will lose all its power, and the whole design of nails characters will be lost. In addition, hieroglyphs are to be drawn in the correct order.

«The sign of light limit» – one of the most powerful characters. After applying the nail of her character will help you reach a new level. The action will be particularly strong if the mark will be put on the thumb. Colour – blue.

«Wealth» – this character is a magnet for money. If he is depicted on the big toes, the source of the money – work.

дизайн ногтей иероглифы фото

иероглифы на ногтях дизайн фото

Sign of «Love» is able to bring romance into your life and harmony. Color – red.

красный дизайн ногтей с иероглифами фото

Sign of «Beauty» will help the owner of the nail design hieroglyphs to change the image on a more sophisticated and complete with rhinestones will attract the Bohemian life of luxury.

иероглифы дизайн ногтей фото

дизайн ногтей иероглифы в японском стиле фото

Hieroglyph harmony brings into the life of peace.

The hieroglyph «Double happiness» will help the owner to find a soul mate. Draw hieroglyph you can only red on the nail middle fingers.

«Sponsorship» – financial assistance. Color as the «Wealth» – black.

The hieroglyph «Happiness» is performed with the help of red paint with глиттером. Depicted on the мизинцах, attracts family happiness.

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