дизайн ногтей с вишенкой фотоRefresh image can easily funny manicure, such as nail design cherry. Its very easy to do, focusing on the photo, but it looks very fresh and nice. For this, you need lacquer three colors: white, green and red.

дизайн ногтей вишенки фото

дизайн ногтей вишня фото

  • The first thing накрасьте all nails 2-3 layers of white paint. Waiting for his drying, using дотса put the red dots diagonal lines. Only the nail on the ring finger leave white.
  • It’s time to do nail design cherry. Take dots with a large ball and mark two points of red around the middle of the nail. This is the future of cherries.
  • Use the thin brush and a bright green (green) lacquer to draw twigs. The brush can be designed especially for nail art and bought in the art store. The main thing that it was good quality.
  • Next, mark the two green leaves.
  • Again take the thin brush and draw a glare on the berries with white paint.
  • For the next step again need tool dots. This time with a small ball. First draw with it, the white glare on the leaves. And after that, put the red spots along the edges of the nail. From 4 to 5 will be enough.
  • Secure nail design «Cherry» with a transparent varnish. Finish!

дизайн ногтей вишня дерево фото

By the way, together with a brush in the art store you can buy acrylic paints. It is as well made and kept, as usual lacquer. Many masters of manicure prefer acrylic paints.

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